Korakia Pensione

If you want to win me over, give me an aesthetic that is immersive. Give me a mood that makes my soul feel something and is palpable. Give me a place that I leave a piece of my heart at when I have to leave. All of these elements combined created an experience like no other in the heart of Palm Springs, California at Korakia Pensione.

One of my best friends flew in to California to spend some time with me and I wanted to find a place in Palm Springs that would help us create beautiful memories! I must have perused AirBnB and Expedia for hours before finally settling on Korakia. And, of course, I mean settling in the best way possible here. There were countless beautiful places that I came across, but something about Korakia just took my breath away in its photos.

To be frank, I’m almost scared to write about it because I kind of want it to stay hidden forever. A secret. My own little escape. I’m also worried that it could become wildly popular and the prices could go up even higher and then I won’t get to stay there at all! LOL. Ok, so I’m only partially joking because I’m likely the one who is late to the Korakia Pensione party! Anyways, this post is not sponsored. I sincerely found this place on my own and enjoyed my stay so much that I am compelled to share the magic with everyone else.

Set in front of a picturesque view of mountains and palm trees, the moment you arrive at Korakia, you literally become disoriented as to whether you’ve somehow accidentally left California and ended up in Morocco or Greece. The decor, the vibe, the energy of Korakia is both completely transportive and transformative. I think if it hadn’t been over 105 degrees in Palm Springs, I probably would have fallen into a trance of relaxation so decadent that I would have forgotten my own name. I love details. Details are often overlooked or under-appreciated, but not by me. From the immaculate facade of the hotel, to the fresh flowers lazily floating in fountains to the photoshoot-worthy courtyards designed to perfection you stumble upon by mistake, no stone was left unturned here. Also, an honorable mention goes to the effortlessly yet strategically strewn flower petals across the property. Le sigh! So dreamy, so romantic, so nostalgic. Whomever conceptualized this incredible hotel truly outdid him/her/themselves.

There are about 10-15 rooms around the property and usually only two to a room, leaving a 30ish person capacity and no children allowed. This is perfect because you almost forget other people are around. It’s so quiet and soothing. I think it’s the perfect place to go to reset or do some soul searching or rejuvenating. The hotel is split into two sides, one is where the Moroccan-inspired villas and pool are and the other is for the Grecian-inspired ones. It’s easy to get lost and find yourself in a place you’ve suddenly been missing for your entire life. It is truly one of the most inspiring places I have been in a long time. I live for an unforgettable experience and Korakia Pensione provided exactly that. The staff was so kind and incredibly accommodating. You will be hard pressed to find more sultry and sexy pools in the country than the ones here. Something about Korakia tells me that it manages to bring the heat even when it isn’t sweltering outside. I’ll be visiting again in the winter, so I’ll let you know for sure then! 🙂

Each room has a different design. My friend and I stayed in the Santorini room which was the cutest little bungalow with a private patio and a bed that you will ultimately find difficult to leave. I think if the grounds hadn’t been so fabulous, she and I wouldn’t have wanted to leave the room! Each room is equipped with everything you would need for a comfortable stay and the bathroom in our room was hands-down the coolest bathroom I’ve ever been in. The shower and sunken-in tub were completely outfitted in the most beautiful stone! Even writing about it, makes me miss it. Everything about the room was perfectly thought out. From the throw pillows, to the record player, to the comfy reading nook adjacent to the bed.

I’m still so fascinated by all of the work that has so clearly been put into making Korakia Pensione one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit and stay at. I can’t believe I live only an hour and a half away! I truly can’t sing its praises or recommend it enough. If my descriptions have left any questions in your mind, hopefully my photos will remove all doubt!


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