Lately, I’ve really been into styling looks that are evocative of a particular time frame or place. While I definitely think fashion can be transformative, I also think that it can be immersive and contemporarily nostalgic. I think fashion can capture the essence of a place or time period. I like making that happen.

This look makes me think of a summer on the French Riviera or running through sun-drenched Italian streets. This look makes me feel something. I like when fashion makes you feel like a different version of yourself. I like when fashion brings out parts of you that don’t get to see the light very often.

With that being said, I styled this look around these amazing shorts and sunglasses from Zara. The sunglasses are sold out online, but you may be able to find them in-store as they are a recent purchase! The shorts are high-waisted and quite short, but the flouncy and frilly hem takes away from the seemingly risque length (or lack thereof). Either way, I find the shorts to be incredibly flattering and feminine!

I paired this button up white blouse from Loft with the shorts and tied it at the bottom to balance out the high-waist and accentuate my waist. The bright blue sandals are also from Zara, but from about 4 years ago! I loved the electric blue as a way to keep the colorful feel going from head to toe!

In my opinion, a great way to give a more nostalgic outfit a contemporary spin is by using minimal, but modern accessories. Here, I layered two dainty necklaces, both from Forever 21 as well as some thicker gold hoops, also from F21 to make the look more interesting and authentic to my approach to fashion. I tend to keep it fairly minimal when it comes to accessories because that’s my personal taste. I like to use accessories more to enhance a look rather than being the statement pieces.

I wore this look to go check out the Petersen Automotive Museum with my boyfriend yesterday and it was perfect! Super comfortable, stylish and low maintenance!

What’s your favorite way to make an outfit reminiscent of a different time or certain place?

Ps: How amazing is this Porsche Race Car????

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5 thoughts on “Botanical

  1. Oooohhh!!! You’re right! I can feel the Cuban vibes, as well!! Yasssss!!! Wishing this fab trip into existence right now!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and comment! It truly means more than you know!!! ❤

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