Experiencing the Getty Museum

It seems like a little over forever since I’ve wanted to visit the Getty Museum. I tried to visit it numerous times before moving to California and it has been a bit tough to get all of the stars to align even while living here since I live outside of LA. However, this past weekend I was finally able to visit it! All I can say is that it was totally worth the wait! The weather was perfect, it wasn’t too packed and the energy was vibrant! I’m so grateful that I got to experience it with the love of my life, too! I’d seen so many beautiful images of the grounds and the galleries that I knew I had to make it happen some how and some way! What I appreciate about the Getty the most is its clear appreciation of the details and how to utilize its space to accentuate all of the beautiful elements within the grounds and, not to mention, the sweeping views of the LA skyline and ocean! The greenery, oh the greenery and the gardens, they make me so happy. Plants and flowers decorate every corner you turn!

There are so many beautiful elements here that make it so spectacular from the ground you walk on to the gorgeous pools and fountains. No stone was left unturned when it comes to designing and maintaining the grounds. Now I understand why so many people just come to hang out at the museum! There’s no shortage of things to see or experience, not to mention all of the photo opportunities. Everything is just so beautiful, I found myself feeling absolutely compelled to take pictures and videos! Definitely inspiring to say the least. Fortunately my boyfriend was there to help me capture a few snaps for this post, as well!

I’m a huge history nerd and love seeing art from different periods of history and watching how it evolves over time. I am so inspired by the different mediums artists used from something as simple as black chalk to carving the most intricate busts/portraits out of slabs of marble! The Getty has a beautiful spread of paintings, sculptures, carvings, drawings and artifacts! There were definitely a few pieces that pulled me in emotionally or got my creative wheels spinning! I’m such a creative person and I believe that I am so passionate about creativity because I know how seeing other peoples’ art makes me feel and I want to do that for others in my own unique way. I love art because over time it becomes a vital marker detailing what life was like coupled with how a creator was feeling with a hint of the subject’s essence. Art is a way to freeze moments in time and make people feel something once that time has passed. I think life makes us so desensitized at times and it’s so beautiful when someone’s creation makes us stop and feel.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I saw while touring the galleries!

If you find yourself in LA and in need of something to awaken your spirit, I totally recommend visiting The Getty Museum! It’s free and, frankly, you can’t put a price on being able to experience the galleries in such an up close and personal way! There are so many museums where the works are sectioned off and you can’t get too close and you can’t take pictures. The Getty gives you the opportunity to really interact with what you’re looking at and appreciate everything in a more genuine and less-pretentious way. I completely understand why it’s regarded as one of the must-visit museums in LA! The views of the skyline alone make it worth it, but all of the beautiful art and architecture are icing on the cake! Thank you for being you, California! You still blow me away with your effortless beauty!



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