Chilling in Cancun

Well not exactly “chilling” because it was almost 90 degrees with some intense humidity, but you know what I mean! This was my second visit to Mexico, but my first time in Cancun and it was fabulous! I loved every second of it!

I’m such a Californian now because I totally forgot what high humidity feels like. When I stepped off of the plane, the humidity was so intense that my fingers became sticky! LOL. However, I adjusted fairly quickly because, let’s face it, I’m a total summer baby and LIVE for the heat! What I became spoiled by the most in Cancun was the weather and how it was perfect at night. I love when it’s so warm that you don’t need a light jacket in the evenings!

I stayed at the Royalton Riviera which is an all-inclusive resort about 30 minutes away from Cancun’s airport. I seriously can’t rave enough about how beautiful this hotel is, how delicious the food is and how kind the staff is! I had such a wonderful stay here, I would totally stay here again! It’s funny because the resort looks so unassuming on the drive to it and then once you walk in, it’s like the entire world opens up and you’re overlooking the ocean and spectacular palm trees while the ocean breeze welcomes you lovingly!

The rooms are fantastic, too! The room that I stayed in had that beautiful view that you’ll see in the first picture of this post, plus a gigantic jacuzzi in the middle of the bathroom as well as gorgeous balcony to take in the warm Cancun sun and air.

I did my best to protect myself from the sun, but, ultimately, to no avail! I’ve been back home for almost two weeks and my crazy sunburn has finally finished peeling! However, my hilariously odd tan lines persist! (See picture below) For me, the great thing about vacationing somewhere warm is I get to bring out all of my most colorful clothing! I’m all about bright colors during warm weather and this trip was no exception! I fell in love with this orange bikini from ASOS as soon as I saw it! This polkadot beauty is a bikini I picked up from JCrew 3 years ago! It’s such a classic! JCrew is great for buying quality and classic swimwear!

This was such a fun trip! I look forward to coming back. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave the resort, but I think my next trip will be to Tulum which is about an hour away from Cancun and will hopefully give me the perfect opportunity to do some exploring!

What is your favorite part of Mexico to visit?????



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