Smile Brilliant: Affordable Teeth Whitening Review

Hello Beautiful People!

I’m so excited to share a partnership that I recently did with the incredible brand Smile Brilliant! They are one of the premier online retailers for At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits! Who doesn’t love a bright white and dazzling smile?! One of the things that I appreciate the most about Smile Brilliant’s kit is that it’s super easy to use and the directions are easy to follow! The kit comes with everything you need, including the materials to help you take your impressions! Once you take your impressions, you mail them off in the pre-paid envelope that’s included and you will receive your custom-fitted teeth whitening trays shortly thereafter.

Once you receive your trays in the mail, it’s time to whiten! When you’re ready to start, simply follow the instructions on your whitening guide about how to apply your teeth whitening gel and relax for 10-30 minutes before removing your custom-fitted trays and following up with the Desensitizing Gel.

I have sensitive teeth, so I kept the whitening trays in for around 12 minutes over the course of five days, but only whitening every other day, totaling 3 uses. I experienced mild sensitivity, which didn’t last for longer than a few minutes after the treatment and hasn’t returned! It has been one week since I completed my first round of whitening! If you have sensitive teeth and are interested in learning more about Smile Brilliant’s tips and tricks to  whitening sensitive teeth, I’d definitely recommend reading this article.

I work in dentistry, so it’s incredibly important to make sure that your smile is healthy before whitening, as using an at-home whitening kit could cause extreme sensitivity or exacerbate existing issues. I checked with my dentist to make sure I was able to proceed  before using this kit! I also whitened until I achieved my desired shade and discontinued use. I like a naturally looking white smile. The other great thing about this kit is that you have the opportunity to progressively whiten your teeth to the shade you’re happiest with!

If you’re like me and love drinking coffee, I’m sure you know that coffee stains can definitely dull the brightness of your smile! That’s another excellent aspect about this kit, the desensitizing gel helps to prevent future staining! I’ve seen so many positive reviews and experiences from other people using the Smile Brilliant At-Home Whitening Kit such as one of my favorite YouTuber’s Dani Mansutti! You can watch her teeth whitening testimonial and see the phenomenal difference it makes in such a short amount of time!

My experience using this Smile Brilliant kit was an amazing one! I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to partner with a company who values both the health of your smile and its cosmetic appearance! If you are looking for an affordable at-home teeth whitening experience, I cannot recommend Smile Brilliant enough!

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This giveaway is open to the USA, UK, Australia and Canada!

Thank you again to Smile Brilliant for working with me and giving the gift of a bright and beautiful smile!!

As always, thank you so much for reading!!! I love you!!!!!

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