Calling All the Lighthouses

lighthouse2An Open Letter to the Lighthouses:

I know the darkness well. How it casts over things and drowns them in its fullness. How it envelops and swallows that which finds itself in its unrelenting path. Oh, the darkness, an unforgiving, yet poignantly necessary evil in this life. It may feel as if we are living in extremely dark times right now. A time and landscape so many find unfamiliar and daunting. How do you move forward when all of your senses and sensibilities seem frozen, stunned or shell-shocked?

The answer is – You don’t. You stay where you are and cast light. Brightly, blindingly so. You illuminate the darkness for those who haven’t yet learned how to see beyond it. The thing about darkness is that it must come, it was designed to always come. Darkness is not an adversary which must be met with defeat. Darkness is the catalyst in which light must surely always follow.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” – Psalm 23:4

There are lighthouses and then there are ships that must learn to navigate within the shadows of its waters. The light of day must always wait for its turn. There is an undeniable balance, an artful dance and understanding between the light and the darkness. There is a quiet reverence that one must acquiesce to the other in order for all things to reveal their true purpose.

When you are in the darkness, consumed and mired down in its depth, having the ability to visualize where it may lead you is nearly impossible. Fearful of where the darkness may lead, some captains of these ships may choose to turn back to where they came from because even though they lose the progress they’ve made, they have the solace of familiarity. Other captains of these ships may choose to stay still, fearful of where the light may lead. In staying still, they make no forward progress, yet, will find no security in the ever-changing currents of the sea. Currents, that, if left to their own devices, will surely catapult them in one direction or the other or capsize them altogether.

Lighthouses were created to help sailors navigate the sea at night. Lighthouses were also created to help warn sailors of trouble that lie ahead.

Lighthouses were created to help those who could not help themselves whether by choice or circumstances beyond their control.

The lighthouse, which is a both a formidable and captivating structure, doesn’t move or go out of its way to assist those who rely on its light, on its purpose of being. It casts its light and trusts that whichever way these ships go, they’ll have a clearer and safer view of how to get there. The lighthouse, while fascinating, is certainly overlooked and unappreciated during the day.

So many of us are ships passing in the night. Simply trying to navigate ourselves to where we think we should be, all the while, stuck with a limited view of all the vastness that surrounds us. However, a few of us, are lighthouses. Created with the sole intent to rise above and oversee these ships on their various journeys. To illuminate, guide and protect them from the unseen of their inexperience, foolishness or stubbornness. The lighthouse never interferes, its only objective is to lead others through using its gift of an expanded field-of-view. The lighthouse recognizes that those who are called to the light will always find it in due time.

Only when the night comes and darkness casts its net over all of which we thought we knew, does the lighthouse become the beacon of all that now seems lost.

 It is time to be still and cast light. It is time to shine furiously through the darkness. It is time to overwhelm the shadows with the luminous wisdom of love, compassion, understanding, perseverance and resiliency.

Calling! All! Lighthouses! I ask you to remember your purpose and to share it broadly. To share it unyieldingly. To share it urgently. To share it proudly. To share it fearlessly. To share it boldly and audaciously.

The lighthouse is never at war with the darkness because it knows that its brilliance thrives in it. Always. The light is never in fear of the darkness because it knows with complete certainty that it is coming next. Always.

The time is now,

Brittni Pope


One thought on “Calling All the Lighthouses

  1. My Brittni,
    This is so “BEAUTIFUL” and “TRUE!” You, Your Brother, and Father are my LIGHTHOUSE on this earth. I am learning and have learned to Be Still and Listen Diligently and Quietly to what is, what has been, what will be said or shown in this world of the not knowing of what may lie ahead in the corridors of darkness as well as the light. Now is the time to Stop It and realize that GOD is the only one (omnipotent), the alpha and the omega of this world of the unknown. Everyone need to learn to be obedient to God’s word. You my child is a beacon of hope for the future. Continue to do what is part of the master plan to reach out to everyone you know, do not know and we will start to see changes come in a positive way.
    I love you so much… infinity.

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