Goddess Yellow

IMG_8712 IMG_8715 IMG_8717 IMG_8718 IMG_8716One of my absolute favorite colors to wear is yellow! I feel like such a Goddess in yellow and it’s also such a fun statement color! So, you can totally understand why I just had to splurge on this gorgeous dress from Urban Outfitters. I do not have one bad thing to say about this dress! It hits all of the notes for me, long and flowly, bright and colorful, fun and chic! The other thing that I really love about this look is that it makes feel like I’m in Italy or something and all I’m missing is gelato! It’s very reminiscent of Dolce and Gabbana to me. I think this dress would be flattering on almost any complexion, however, there are other colors available in this dress, too! I also have it in blue! My sandals are from JCrew and perfectly complimented this look.

The great thing about color is that when you feel good in a color it radiates inwardly to outwardly! Yellow helps me put my inner-happy on display for the world to see!

What is one of your favorite colors to wear?



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