Work It Out

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Since moving to Southern California, I have really stepped up my fitness game! Living here just made me want to get outside and be active because the weather is so nice and plus I live near the beach! Two of my favorite ways to get fit are taking yoga classes and and running by the beach a little before sunset.

I had never taken yoga classes before moving here. I tried my hand at a yoga DVD and stopped trying after three attempts. The studio I go to here is amazing. My teacher is AWESOME and super encouraging and helpful. Currently, I’m practicing at Level 1, but I think I’ll be ready for Level 2 soon which I’m super excited about! I have found that yoga has so many benefits outside of class. I’m always using our breathing techniques when I need to calm myself down about something or find myself randomly practicing my balance poses so that I can improve. It’s fun, it’s a great workout and it’s a fantastic way to really get in tune with your body and give it the chance to show you what it’s really capable of!

Now, I’m sure running by the beach is self-explanatory. I’ll be honest, I don’t really love to run, unless it’s after a soccer ball, so getting to watch the sunset is amazing motivation! The other thing that I like about running by the beach are the varying planes, some uphill, some downhill, some straight away. It gives me that bit of variety I need to keep me interested and engaged. The other reason why I enjoy running outside of the added cardio benefits is that I can really see the results on my body. My legs have gotten way toned and it’s helping flatten my tummy just in time for my first summer as a SoCal girl!

The other fun part about fitness is getting to indulge my love for fashion and still express myself through my athletic wear. One of my personal favorite and budget friendly activewear lines is Old Navy Active! I’m wearing this super cute and fun pair from the line in the pics above paired with a solid gray tank from the Merona line at Target and a Jockey sports bra! Old Navy Active is really awesome quality with an even more awesome price point! I’m also a huge fan of my new running/cross-training shoes from Nike! Bonus, they’re on sale right now!!!

My fitness journey has definitely been a commitment, but I’m proud of myself for staying consistent!

What are your favorite ways to work out?

With Love,



2 thoughts on “Work It Out

  1. I love running outside in the morning. I live in Texas so it has be very early morning, otherwise, I’d probably faint from a heat stroke in 100+ temperatures. But if it’s too not to run, indoor cycling is fun!

  2. Yes, running in the early morning or late evenings is crucial!! Way too hot to run during the day! Indoor cycling is a lot of fun, too!! Thank you for taking the time to comment! ❤

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