Graduation Time


It’s mind-boggling honestly, the fact that this time four years ago, I was graduating from college! It kind of feels like just yesterday and forever ago at the same time. I think about how much I’ve grown and how much my life has changed. Many changes that I would have never anticipated, but it isn’t a bad thing. I think the beautiful thing about this concept or idea of “graduation” is that it really marks a point in our lives where we consciously acknowledge and celebrate transition. This time of year always gets me feeling excited for those who are graduating and embarking upon new journeys. One of the best lessons I’ve learned post college graduation is that if you allow yourself to be open and flexible to possibilities outside of the “plan” you make for yourself, chances are you’ll have some really epic adventures! Stay open, stay excited and stay optimistic! FDFAB1

Anyways, I’m so excited to go more in-depth about my outfit and creating the perfect graduation day look! This post is dedicated to looking extremely fabulous on your big day without breaking the bank! I’m so happy to partner with my dear friends at Family Dollar (Facebook | Twitter) for this post! What’s so awesome about Family Dollar is its #FDFabulous Campaign which is dedicated to connecting  fashion and beauty conscious consumers with quality brands affordably and stylishly! I am so proud to be a part of this campaign and it is so important to me to help promote the accessibility of fashion and beauty because feeling great about how you look should be within everyone’s reach! Most of the beauty and makeup products I used are available for purchase at your nearest Family Dollar.

I recently purchased this dress from H&M and fell in love! It’s extremely affordable at $10 and the silhouette of this dress is one that is classic and extremely flattering! I’m sure you’ll be taking a lot of pictures on your graduation day and I want you to look back at your pictures years from now happy that you’re wearing a timeless look! I styled this dress two different ways, one way is for my girls going for a more classic look and one for my girls who are all about making a statement! To learn more about how I achieved these looks, please keep reading…


In my first look, I paired this dress with a classic pair of black pumps from Zara and a very neutral make-up look. One of the most timeless hair styles to me is a slicked-back low bun. I opted for this hairstyle because it will accomodate your graduation cap and save you from hat-hair once your ceremony is over! Personally, I’m a huge fan of keeping my makeup pretty simple and natural looking. I prefer this because often times we choose to follow make-up trends that we may later regret. However, a fairly simple eye with a bit of a winged-out shape won’t go out of style! If I can be REALLY honest with you guys, I don’t care if contouring looks ridiculous in pictures 10 years from now, I live for a great contour and highlight! Don’t judge me! LOL!

Below are all of the products I used to achieve this make-up look with LA Colors! LA Colors’  shadows are incredibly pigmented and, when used with an eyeshadow primer, can last all day without any creasing! I love this particular palette because it has matte and sparkly neutral shadows. I combined both for a neutral eye with a light shimmer. Also, can I just say I am literally obsessed with their brow kit and use it almost every day! It gives my brows such a natural appearance. The light pink/natural lip is from Tarte cosmetics and I used it to accentuate my natural lip color without adding on too much product.FDFAB9 FDFAB4

My second look is more about making statements to elevate the simplicity of the dress. I paired this dress with a fabulous pair of brown strappy heeled-sandals which is also available at Zara and bold fuchsia/pink lips. This brightly colored matte lip adds a fearlessly feminine pop to an otherwise somewhat subdued make-up look. I love this matte lip cream from Maybelline because the color pay-off is so rich and stays on for hours. Lastly, though these fun heels are more trendy in appearance and style, the earthy color of the shoe provides a balance that keeps the look’s chic-factor completely intact!

I’ve never been one who’s into wearing a lot of jewelry, but I do think that if you wanted to take this look a step further, adding an awesome statement necklace would be a fantastic choice!FDFAB5.5


I am sending those of you who are graduating this year a BIG HUG! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment! I hope that you found my take on my Perfect Graduation Day Look helpful! Thank you again to Family Dollar for giving me the opportunity to be a part of its wonderful family and to represent so many of its amazing brands! I am truly humbled! If you want to stay in the loop about #FDFabulous and all of the wonderful things that are happening, please follow the hashtag online to see what myself and 40 other fabulous women are up to! 🙂

I love you all so much! Thank you for reading!

PS: Be sure to comment which look was your favorite!





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