Golden State

IMG_6908 IMG_6595 IMG_6567 IMG_6594 IMG_6978 IMG_6921 IMG_6872 IMG_6992 IMG_6990 IMG_7007 IMG_6991 IMG_6970 IMG_7001 IMG_6988 IMG_6998 IMG_6999

On days like today, when I’m able to look back over some of the pictures that I’m sharing in this post, I get all the feels! California still makes me giddy and gives me butterflies. A lot of days just the physical environment itself is enough to make me feel like I’m in a dream. Every day that I’m here is a day that I do not take for granted. The little moments here especially… For instance, walking by the beach and the smell of someone grilling mixed with the saltiness of the ocean. Or driving along a street perfectly lined with palm trees. It’s a blessing and I am humbled by being able to call this wonderful place home.

Is there a place that makes your soul feel like it wants to put roots down?



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