I Am A Woman


Simply put, I am a woman.
I am not to be confused with anything less than the sun beaming on its brightest day or the birds singing songs of hope high above your head
Or palm trees soaring as upwardly into the sky as they can
Or sand continuously taking after the soles of my feet
I am a woman
And I was created in the image victory.
I am light, I am strength, I am passion
I am warmth, I am heat, I am fire
I am limitless
I am boundless
Simply put, I am a woman
And it is in my nature to excel, exceed and empower.

-Brittni Pope

I am so excited to share the mission and message of the #LikeAGirl Campaign by Always!

So often a young woman’s self-confidence is compromised due to being made to feel “less-than” simply because she is a girl. To some, being a born a girl is either seen as a disadvantage or a legitimate reason why a girl can’t have the same degree of accomplishment as a boy. I find this to be incredibly disheartening as someone who proudly celebrates  being a woman and everything that comes with it. For me, I think one of the biggest reasons why I have as much self-confidence as I do in my womanhood is because I have had some of the most amazing women as strong role models in my life. As our society becomes even more digitally driven, it’s important to make sure that young girls and women continue to see other girls/women represented equally, fairly and accurately in the media. Representation and inclusion are especially pertinent in a young girl’s adolescence which, to me, will likely be one of the most formative times in her life because it is the start of a foundation that she will stand on as she continues to grow up and evolve. The #LikeAGirl Campaign isn’t about creating a divide between girls and boys, women and men, but more about reclaiming what it really means to be born a woman and that it is our birthright to be proud of that and not feel the least bit of inadequacy because of gender. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are and how you were created!

I challenge you to be unstoppable in celebrating yourself!

What is your dream girl emoji?!

For more information about this amazing campaign, click here!



3 thoughts on “I Am A Woman

  1. Thank you so much!!!!! Yes, it’s so easy to forget!!!! We are sacred beings!

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