Young Queen


Young Queen,

By the time you read this you will have had a slew of people come in and out of your life. Bringing with them lessons in love, hate, jealousy, gratitude, growth and the illusion that they know you better than you know yourself. Rest assured Young Queen, you are the end all and be all of your life. You are the moon and the sun. The sun rises and sets on you. Your world revolves around you and your happiness. Your light may blind some people, may blind a lot of people, but don’t let them smother it. You don’t need to be understood or validated or congratulated or manipulated or celebrated. What you will need, however, is courage. The courage to stand in your truth, to tell people how you really feel, to tell people what you really want, to go wherever it is you want to go, to have all of the things you want to have and, ultimately, to be unapologetic in your authenticity.

Young Queen, you were created with a fierce spirit. With a laser tongue. With a strong sense of self. With a fire that won’t extinguish. You will be incredibly eloquent and articulate, but never afraid to use your words in a multitude of ways to air out any perceived threat. In fact, people may often mistake your unabashed ferocity as an outright slap in the face to the very people and institutions who were created to oppress your magnificence. Young Queen, don’t be mistaken, you were created in the image of a force so flagrant in its excellence that to feel even the slightest discomfort in the distinction of your spectacularity is blasphemous.

Prepare yourself, Young Queen. Love yourself immensely. There’s a lot coming your way. Challenges and people who were sent to show you just how tough you are. How much of a fighter you are. What kind of winner you are. You are miraculous in nature. Embrace it. Don’t run from it. Revel in it. Your truth matters. Your peace matters.

Young Queen, you were created to blossom, to flourish and to accentuate the world in beautiful ways. You are sunshine. Your light isn’t your fault. Your light is nothing to be ashamed of. You are loved more than you know. You are appreciated deeply. You make a difference. You matter. You are significant. You are perfect.

Young Queen, you beautiful queen. My God, you will make me so proud. Remember, you mustn’t clip your wings because some people are afraid to watch you fly. Your dreams are bigger than dreams and you, you’re larger than life. You’re a universe.

Young Queen, you are an act of God.




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