Puerto Vallarta

PuertoVallartaPV3 PV9 PV7 IMG_3075 PV6PV8PV4

Hola! Had the chance to take my first trip out of the country on my own and visit the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Halloween weekend!! I was a little nervous because I don’t speak a lick of Spanish and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to venture out as much as I wanted to! However, everything went perfectly and I seriously had the time of my life! I met so many amazing people and of course I did a lot of filming, so expect a video soon! I rented an absolutely gorgeous condo through AirBnB in an awesome neighborhood a few blocks away from the beach and Malecon! Perfect weather, perfect food, perfect experiences! I even went parasailing for the first time which was life changing!! I’m so excited for my next trip there! I plan on going whale watching soon. This was the trip that unlocked the rest of the world for me. I’m so excited to share a few pictures from time there. Follow the jump to the see rest…




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