Are You Ready to Receive?

WindowI had a very sobering thought a few weeks ago. I wasn’t ready to receive the things I desired. Meaning, my atmosphere, my environment, the decisions I was making, the people I was keeping around, etc weren’t reflective of the changes that I wanted to come to pass in my life.

I think in order to receive anything, there is a process of preparation that is necessary.

I got it, I understood how it related to school, how it related to work and even how it related to relationships. What I didn’t quite get was how this would become an overarching theme as it related to receiving things in my life that I deeply desired.

I suffered mightily from liking to keep a door cracked or one foot in and one foot out, but all that really got me was chaos and confusion.

I recognized that in doing this I was essentially telling God that I didn’t trust Him or His plan for my life. That I secretly, very low key, wanted to maintain control of my life. These conflicting inner narratives and outer actions proved to only slow the manifestation of my desires or halt them completely.

Once I started taking intentional action and making intentional decisions with my desires in mind and preparing my life to receive them was when I started noticing rapid change! Rapid manifestation! Effortless flow!…

Your life has to be ready to support the introduction of great desires into it. If you’re asking for things you’re not ready to support yet, you may as well say goodbye to them because they won’t last long. You want the introduction of your desires into your life to be a starting point for them to continue to thrive.

Sometimes, you have to step back and assess your life, map out your desires and then identify what areas in your life aren’t ready for them. If it’s a desire that you can’t shake, it’s divinely placed. However, just because it’s divinely placed doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do the emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual or environmental work to prepare for it. It’s necessary.

The longer you avoid doing the necessary work on yourself and your physical environment, the longer it will take for your desires to manifest physically in your life. It’s really simple. We each have our reasons for avoiding it. Usually stemming from fear about how to act when our desires come true.

For me, it was partly fear, but mostly feeling out of control. It felt easier to leave things open-ended than shut them down completely. It felt easier to make decisions that gave me the illusion of having control or power. It felt easier to keep certain people in my life than remove them entirely.

I had to get real with myself and soothe the parts of myself that were making decisions through the filters of pain, failure or fear. I had some work to do and I did it and I’m still doing it.

The more we evolve, the more we grow, the more desires are revealed to us. Things that I’d dreamt of years before had come to pass and, thereby, gave way to even greater desires.

Another thing that we must do is closely monitor the conversations we’re having with ourselves. Whether you’re cognizant of it or not, a conversation is always happening within you. Your are constantly processing different things that are happening to you or around you and you’re telling your brain stories about them and your brain is processing them and developing an inner-narrative or belief system about them. Listen in and watch it, CLOSELY.

Personal Example:

Yesterday I was driving to a mall here in Atlanta and I saw this billboard that featured the jackpot prizes for two different lottery games.

My thought process and subsequent inner-dialogue went something like this:

Thought 1: Wow! That’s a lot of money! Gosh, I can hardly imagine what it would be like to win that much money. How crazy would it be if someone won both of them at the same time?! That’d be insane!

Thought 2: I wish I could win the lottery!

Thought 3: I’ll probably never win the lottery because God probably thinks I’d stop working as hard in life to fulfill the purpose He has for me. I’ll have to work hard for everything I earn.

Thought 4: WTF?! That’s not true! I could most certainly bring His purpose for my life to pass no matter if I won the lottery or not!

Thought 5: You need to change what you’re thinking, Brittni!

Thought 6: I will win the lottery.

I will win the MegaMillions lottery.

I will win the MegaMillions jackpot prize!!!! I will win the MegaMillions jackpot prize!!!I

It’s kind of funny to read it after writing it out, but it’s a real thing that happened to me. I had to correct myself in the moment. If I hadn’t, I would have gone on believing that it was true. I’d probably not even play the lottery because I’d already been telling myself that I could not win.

How on earth could I win or receive it if I truly didn’t believe that I could?!

Love yourself enough to monitor your thoughts and correct false thinking and beliefs.

They’re flying in out of left field all day every day! As Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith once said, “Just because a thought comes to you, doesn’t mean that you have to think it!”

Be selective in your thinking, be purposeful in the conversations you have with yourself. Do some spring cleaning in your life and start making clear and intentional preparation for your desires to come to pass and your dreams to come true.

Manifestation is simply the physical or tangible birth of an abstract or conceptual desire that has been prepared for.

You are more than deserving of the physical manifestation of your desires. You are more than equipped to do the necessary preparation. I believe in you and I love you!



3 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Receive?

  1. Well said and I wish I could stop thinking so negatively and just go for what I want want or need. I need to stop thinking that I can’t or won’t win the lottery. Lol . Have you read The Secret? This post was reminiscent of that. Thanks for the much needed inspiration!!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! I’m so happy that some of what I shared resonated with you. You absolutely can stop thinking so negatively! It’s a process and not something that can be corrected quickly or over night, but it’s possible. I was once a hardcore pessimist and felt like the entire world was against me and because I believed that with all of my heart, my life felt like that. I started off slowly and became really deliberate about checking my thoughts and things got progressively better for me and my life reflected that. Just go for it, whatever it is, whatever you want, you’d be surprised and if you don’t try I can guarantee that the answer will be “no.” Don’t sell yourself short, you can have everything you want, including the lottery! $$CHA-CHING$$ 🙂

  3. Thank you for the reminder! It really is hard to think positive all the time especially when you are surrounded by negativity. I had a life threatening event and yes it made me have a much more positive outlook but I still have days when I think “what am I doing? This is pointless!” Then I read something like your post and get over it. Lol.

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