One of the biggest reasons that I’ve found the past year of my life to be one of the most transformative is because of a certain confidence that I have acquired. To be honest, it snuck up on me. I knew it existed, but I never thought it was something that I would be able to have or experience. I was first introduced to the concept of the “Divine Feminine” by Cynthia Occelli two years ago. I understood what she way saying about it, but I just wasn’t in a place in my life where I was even emotionally or psychologically ready to have that type of confidence.

I’d always been told that as you get older, you tend to care a little or a lot less about what others think of you. However, I think, for me at least, I began caring a lot less of what I thought about myself. I stopped obsessing over things that I didn’t love about myself or things that I’d wished I could change. I made a decision to feel at ease with myself and then my entire life started to rearrange around this choice.

What’s even more interesting is that I met a man who helped me feel even more at ease. I believe that we have people who come into our lives for a specific purpose and sometimes that specific purpose is revealed to us in waves. When he and I met, it was immediately romantic and the interaction, however brief, has managed to have a ripple effect on my life one year later!…

It has taken me this year since we first met to understand one of his specific purposes in my life.

He appreciated me. He appreciated every part of who I was as a woman.

It has taken me this year to learn the difference between being wanted or desired versus being appreciated.

I’d never experienced the feeling of true appreciation until I met him, but I didn’t recognize that I was being appreciated until subsequent rendevous where I didn’t feel that. It took me a year to even find the right word for it.

It was through feeling and experiencing this genuine appreciation from someone else that I gave myself the green light to appreciate my damn self!

I feel like this is the first time in my life where I’ve felt like a real woman. Where I’ve felt divine. Where I’ve felt so incredibly powerful standing unwavering in my femininity.

I won’t attribute this new found confidence entirely to my former flame because, of course, I’ve done a lot of work on myself that I’m proud of. However, he was a starting point for a very intense love affair with myself.

For me, the idea of the Divine Feminine means honoring your womanhood without feeling the need to betray yourself to make other people feel comfortable as you stand in your power. This has manifested itself in my life in so many ways.

One of my favorite ways, is the peace I find in walking away from situations and people as soon as I feel myself starting to question where I stand. Embracing the Divine Feminine has literally rendered me unable to stay in unnecessary unstable conditions for very long. And I love it.

The at-easeness that I feel with myself makes my life far less complicated because I’m not living from a fearful place. I’m not building my life around the people who don’t appreciate or value me.

It’s possible to have such a delicious relationship with yourself that you don’t miss the effort that you once put out to keep fleeting people and situations in your life.

It hit me…self love comes down to self appreciation. No matter what or who causes you to start appreciating yourself, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you do.

Once I started really appreciating myself, the quality of my life began to reflect that. This isn’t to suggest that I don’t make mistakes or stick around just a little longer than I should, but that when I’ve finally made my mind up, I regain my power in my decision making. I regain my power in my clarity. I regain my power in myself. I regain my power in who I am and what I represent as a divine, glorious, significant, powerful and incredible woman.

I appreciate myself because I have experienced being appreciated on every level.

Once you experience that, it’s difficult to experience or accept less than that.

My journey to this deep appreciation of self began because of a person who was divinely placed in my life and I am grateful for that and for him. I am also grateful for myself for continuing to do it once he was no longer in my life in that capacity.

What a beautiful journey it has been to the Divine Feminine.



5 thoughts on “Divinity

  1. Hi Dayka,

    Yessss, when we love and accept ourselves we don’t show up needing others to be our sources of approval. I honor your journey! We are Goddesses!!! Hope you’re doing insanely AMAZING!!!! ❤

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