Inactivity is Fear in Disguise

2015 NewAs far as I’m concerned, baby steps have gotten a lot of people exactly where they wanted to be in life. How you go about helping your dreams come true is completely up to you, whether that be by leaps and bounds or baby steps. The point is, that moving and action are key in helping your dreams to become a reality. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and really big dreams, I just do, and entrepreneurs and big dreamers can often have the most daunting professional journeys there are. That fear can manifest itself in many ways, however, my focus here is on inactivity in relation to our dreams and professional endeavors.

At first glance, it may appear that inactivity is harmless and definitely not a manifestation of fear in disguise. I am here to assure you that inactivity is most certainly fear in disguise. This isn’t something that I was always able to recognize, of course, especially in a state of intentional inactivity. Initially, I blamed this complacency on a simple lack of inspiration or creative block, which was strange because I knew that I absolutely wanted my dreams to come true more than I could put into words. Something wasn’t adding up. How could it be that a dream that still meant the world to me could ever leave me in a place of inactivity? The truth is, it couldn’t. It wouldn’t. It shouldn’t…

The only thing that could be causing this disconnect was fear. The only thing more terrifying than our dreams not coming true is our dreams coming true. Fear is paralyzing and because fear is the master of disguise, it has the power to stop us dead in our tracks. Figuring out how to work through fear presenting itself in this way can be complicated. Essentially, we’re scared that if we make intentional actions and steps in the direction of our dreams, that one of these steps or actions could be the one to launch us into a life that we’ve clearly told ourselves we aren’t quite ready to live or sustain yet. That’s the root of the inner dialogue surrounding fear showing up as inactivity in our lives.

We think that if we don’t make deliberate or progressive action, that the stillness keeps us on our path without simultaneously causing us to move backwards on it. This isn’t true unfortunately. Staying still is committing to moving backwards by default. So many dreams get stuck in the non-physical due to nothing else than sheer inactivity. Inactivity is a choice. Again, inactivity is fear in disguise.

Once you recognize this, you definitely should start making moves, but you should also start the conversation with yourself about ways to start preparing for when your dreams begin coming true. We often feel fear or anxiety surrounding something when we don’t feel prepared for it. Think back to taking tests that you didn’t study well for and how uneasy you felt once the test was in front of you.

Inactivity is your inner guidance system telling you that you still have preparation to do.

Sometimes baby steps get a bad rep because some people feel that they are pointless or insignificant. However, I’m here to counter that because I understand the significance of action, no matter how big or small.

So, if your dreams are more magnificent than ever and calling you every second of the day, I urge you to begin preparing yourself emotionally, spiritually and psychologically for their passing while taking steps in their direction without concern for how much ground they cover.

You are greater than your fears, move forward in the face of that resistance instead of stalling out!

Begin! Go! Start! Move! Be on your way! Your dreams are waiting for you!



4 thoughts on “Inactivity is Fear in Disguise

  1. Hi!! Thank you soooo much for taking the time to read and comment! Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday!!! ❤

  2. Hi Sadie! Thank you soooo much for taking the time to read this piece and comment as well as checking out my blog! You’re amazing! Followed your blog as well 🙂 Have a beautiful Tuesday, Sadie! ❤

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