Internal Revolution


At heart, I’m a writer. Even when I’m not writing, my obsession with words perseveres. Even when I’m scared to write, my words somehow write themselves whether that be in spurts or a few notes scribbled down here and there. I’ve been under construction. I’ve been in the midst of an internal revolution. Caught in the crossfire of a soul awakening internal dialogue and metamorphosis. My head is the highest in the clouds it has ever been. The changes that I’ve been yearning for are on the cusp of transforming into the changes that I will certainly face in the very near future. I can’t hide it. I’m not trying to hide it. I twirl more than I’ve ever twirled. I’ve laughed harder and louder than ever before. My body is always moving to a beat. Rainbows are appearing out of nowhere. Butterflies are a part of my every day experience. I feel more fulfilled than I can ever remember. This internal revolution has most certainly been the most freeing transformation yet. I feel like I’m levitating even though I’m in the most uncertain time in my life. I have daily love affairs. I let go more gracefully than I ever thought I’d be capable of doing. I have faced intensity and passion head on. I celebrate the smallest of victories. In short, I have peace…

Whenever I take a break from writing, it isn’t so much me taking a break from writing as it is me giving myself the necessary space to evolve in every aspect of the ways I express myself. I believe that as we undergo these times in our lives, the biggest mistake we can make is not giving our means of expression the same chance to grow and evolve. When it’s right, words pour out of me. Effortlessly. When the transformation is complete, I can feel that every piece has shifted into its new place. It’s such a beautiful place to be, but what makes it even more beautiful is recognizing how you’ve evolved.

My internal revolution has begun to overflow into my external experiences. It has become so obvious that people seemingly can’t stop themselves from bringing it to my attention. I feel so light. I feel so at ease with who I am, with who I’m becoming and so unattached to the idea of being any less of who I am.

With this metamorphosis comes the necessary exploration of the uncharted territory of who I’ve evolved into at this stage. It’s exciting because this revolution has given birth to an inner renaissance of sorts absolutely bursting at the seams with epiphanies and magic and a desire to share this magic in profound ways.

A real life Promethean approach to living life without limits. A creative remodel of perspective and understanding. A personal renovation. A resurgence of knowing even more fully than ever before what my purpose is.

It can be so scary, growing when you didn’t think you were ready to grow anymore. Growing when it almost seemed like shrinking would feel more comfortable. Yet, here I am, on the other side of it, ready to shout from highest mountaintop to trust the processes of life. Trust that when something comes your way and makes you face growing even more, just do it and know that you’ll be better for it. Beyond that, trust that you wouldn’t be faced with the opportunity to grow if you weren’t truly ready to expand.

It is within this expansion where the parts of yourself who you most need to help bring your dreams and deepest desires to pass will be revealed to you.

I urge you to celebrate your expansion instead of trying to avoid it. The only thing that will come from that avoidance is a louder more incessant calling. And, of course, you’ll find ways to tune it out and quiet it if you so choose, but as any person who looks back on parts of their lives with regret can tell you, you’ll find that the only solution to the call is to answer it.

Will you?

I love you so much!



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