My Top 10 Shopping Tips


Shopping for me is fun, but also strategic! In this video, I’ll share my top 10 shopping tips that keep me on track and save me tons of money! I discuss my tips more in depth with examples in the video, but read after the jump for a quick run down of my tips…

Top 10 shopping tips:

1. Figure out how much money you have to spend on clothes, shoes and accessories and spend within that budget. Do this by figuring out specific pieces that you want and stores/brands that have those pieces within your price range! There are quality bargain pieces out there! Or splurge on quality classic pieces that you know you’ll always keep!

2. Know/learn/define your personal style! This is so important because it will prevent you from wasting money on pieces that ultimately aren’t cohesive in your wardrobe.

3. Don’t buy things just because they’re on sale! We all love a good sale, but just because it’s half off doesn’t mean that it has a place in your wardrobe.

4. If you find something that you love that fits you well and comes in multiple colors, buy them! Some may debate this, but it works for me and my current wardrobe is an example of it! Since I have become so selective in what I buy, when I find something that I absolutely love, I will purchase it in every color that I love! If you’re into simple style like me, more than likely you’ll find yourself gravitating towards variations of the same look anyways!

5. Buy versatile pieces! If you’re working within a specific budget, buying pieces that are versatile is essential! There are plenty of pieces that translate well from a professional environment to a casual environment! Doing this helps you get the most out of your wardrobe!

6. Just because it’s trendy or looks good on other people doesn’t mean you need to buy it! In the early stages of my fashion journey, I tried to dress like exact replicas of fashion bloggers! If they were into statement jewelry, I made myself get into it! If they were into leather pants, I made myself get into it. I was a hot mess and my closet was all over the place! Figure out what works for you and what you really like even if it goes against trends! You look best in what you feel most confident in! It’s ok to appreciate certain looks on other people and live vicariously through them without trying to force certain looks or pieces into your wardrobe!

7. Curate your wardrobe! I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about minimizing your wardrobe or a certain number of pieces that you should have in it. I’ll be honest, I was quite skeptical of the concept initially, as well! I always grew up admiring women who had huge closets running over with clothes and shoes! However once I grew up and understood what looks worked for me, my idea of a great closet changed! Don’t get me wrong, big closets filled with fabulous clothes is still awesome, but not something I can comfortably afford to do in the way I’d like to right now so I choose to take a minimalist approach to fashion! I’m very specific about what pieces I introduce and the overall color scheme. Also, reassess your closet pretty often and either donate or trash pieces that you’re not wearing or aren’t suitable for wear!

8. Try things on before you buy them when you can! I know, I know! I hate doing this too, but adopting this habit has saved me so much money! So often, things look great on the hanger, but less great on us and we usually don’t know until we’ve gotten home and tried it on and then we’re too lazy to return it usually so we just throw it in our closet and it collects dust! Save yourself some money and closet space and just try it on at the store!!!

9. Stay away from store credit cards! Unless you truly shop at a store often or seriously need to build your credit, Don’t buy these cards! 15% off your purchase isn’t worth it and if you really need that 15% off that badly, then you shouldn’t be buying whatever it is you’re buying! I know it seems harmless, but part of being a great shopper means being an informed and smart shopper! Those cards needlessly pull on your credit line and if you don’t use them often can hurt your overall credit!

10. Online shopping is your friend! Online shopping gives you the freedom to find pieces that you love for affordable prices. It makes the world your fashion playground and you can find really unique statement pieces that everybody won’t be able to get their hands on! I utilize online shopping more than in-person shopping! For example, asos is one of my go-to online stores! I know my sizes there and I trust the quality! I became a VIP member for $20 where I get free 2-day shipping and a certain percentage off sometimes! To me, this is a lot smarter than driving all around town trying to find something in particular and saves me money and stress! You’re also a lot less likely to just buy something random because you look over your cart before you buy!

Thanks for watching or reading! I hope you found these tips helpful!!!



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