Stairs 2

You don’t want me like this.

The truth is that I’ll just hurt you.

I’ll break you like someone broke me.

I’ll take your wholeness and chip away at it.

I’ll take you and bend you to the point of no return.

If you walk down this alley, there is no coming back.

It’s not that I’m a bad woman.

I’m just a sad woman.

A woman just trying to piece herself back together with light instead of glue, instead of you.

You can fall for me if you’d like, even love me if you so choose.

The truth is, however, I’m still in love with someone who isn’t you.

And I’m not trying to corrupt perfection.

I’m just trying to save your heart from a bad sense of direction.

You’ll get lost here.

Without exception.

You think you can maneuver amongst the wreckage.

The truth is I’m a maze and you have an idealistic perspective.

You’ll get lost here.



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