Theory of Consciousness: Meditating | Part Three

Consciousness CoverPt3

As you begin your journey to consciousness, meditating will become an integral and essential part of your life.

You must rid yourself of any pre-conceived notions of meditation, what it’s supposed to mean or how it’s supposed to be done and understand that as you become more in alignment with Source that you will create a meditating style that is most right for you as an individual.

The internet is a fantastic starting place for those new to meditation. Initially, meditating can seem a bit daunting because you’re trying to figure out how to quiet your mind all while thinking about quieting your mind and wondering if you’re even connecting in the way you should be able to connect. Many teachers in the online spiritual community have guided meditations that you can practice meditating with. When I first began meditating, I alternated between doing it on my own and doing it with these guided meditations.

Why is meditating such an important part of your journey to consciousness?

Meditation allows you to reach a place within yourself that isn’t obscured by your physical body or ego and connect with Source in a way that enables you to receive guidance more clearly.

Meditation also is a healing technique that, in distress, helps you return to an overwhelming reassurance that all is well and unfolding in perfect order for your highest good.

Think back to your childhood, hopefully you can recall a time where you had a vivid imagination and equally vivid dreams. Hopefully you can also remember an inexplicable sense of well-being. As we get older we, unfortunately, tend to outgrow this because we’re taught that our well-being is only in our hands which begets nothing but fear in us. Instead of trying to find that space of feeling taken care of by Source, we put other things in front of that connection and either voluntarily or involuntarily block that direct line of communication.

Then when people speak of “listening to our inner guidance system,” we think that connection is gone forever because either we don’t actively keep it going or we ignore it and become increasingly deaf to it. The guidance, the voice, the connection is always there even when you think that it isn’t, it never leaves us and meditating teaches us that.

When you begin meditating and fostering a healthy environment for Source to communicate with you, you are then charged with the responsibility of not only listening to that voice, but actively applying the guidance to your life. In our daily lives, we see communication as mostly trying to respond and a miniscule amount of listening to what’s being shared with us.

The purpose of meditation is to be quiet and still.

The purpose of meditation is to allow Source to speak to you in a way that isn’t obstructed by feeling the need to respond, justify or question.

The purpose of meditation is to establish a channel to communicate with Source no matter your physical circumstances.

The purpose of meditation is to escape an inward or outward environment of chaos.

I cannot tell you what meditation will be like for you. As I stated earlier, the entire experience of meditation is individual and subjective. As you mature in your meditation practices, you will create new ways for you to communicate with Source and for Source to communicate with you.

For me, there are times when meditation provides a great sense of relief. There are other times where the guidance that I receive from Source makes me feel uncomfortable because I’m essentially being told that it is time to grow in an area of my life and growth isn’t always easy.

I will tell you that I believe one of the most frustrating parts of meditation and having an enhanced line of communication with Source is when you make a human/egoic decision that goes against the guidance you have received from Source. But, relax, you’re human, and it’s going to happen…more than once or twice…or thrice. When this happens, your bruised self will retreat back to the open arms of Source, having yet another sense of confirmation that the guidance that you’re receiving should be heeded and not shelved for your laughable misguidance from your ego.

The purpose of meditation is to help shield you from unnecessary pain. However, part of growth on your path and spiritual journey is learning from the mistakes you make, which is why you make them along the way even while you’re receiving guidance. The goal is to make less and less mistakes the further along your path you go.

No matter how uncomfortable meditating makes you feel, most probably because you’ll either be inundated with proper guidance that goes completely against the “guidance” you’ve been receiving from your ego or it’ll be so quiet that you’re wondering if you’re doing it correctly you need to keep doing it. If you experience the latter, it will be because you’re opening your spirit and earthly mind up to a type of communication that hasn’t happened in a long while because unconscious earthly institutions and people have tried to kill it. For some, receiving guidance and hearing the voice of Source is a process, a slow one.

Be patient with yourself as you begin to navigate this next part of your journey. The more in tune you become with the voice of Source, the more assurance you will feel in your life, even outside of active meditation.

Be even more patient with yourself when it comes to applying the guidance into your every day life. The more confident you become in this connection that you have with Source, the more quickly you will listen to and abide by what you’re told.

What’s even more beautiful is that once you begin meditating, you open yourself up to receiving guidance even more clearly and quickly. Just remember to be open to how that guidance comes about, it may not necessarily come instantaneously or even in a session of meditation. I receive guidance now in dreams, extremely clear dreams, something I didn’t use to experience often or from various people and I just know that Source used them to communicate with me.

That’s the beauty of meditation and communicating with Source, there are so many variations of ways to connect and listen.

But, remember, before any of this can happen you must prepare yourself to listen, to get quiet and be still. It sounds simple enough, but in practice, actually successfully clearing your mind of earthly clutter can be quite difficult, even for seasoned meditators.

I invite you to explore the practice of meditation to see what guidance comes your way and where it takes you. Meditating and restoring that direct line of communication with Source has been one of the most rewarding parts of my journey to a higher consciousness.

Thank you for joining me for the third installment of this series. I invite you to join me for the fourth installment of this series where I will discuss “Forgiving” and how it applies to the Theory of Consciousness.



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