Clear Space, Expect Magic


There is one aspect of the human experience in which I believe we all have experienced. This aspect would be the reluctance of letting go of something or someone. The root of this reluctance is the fear of releasing something and not getting it back or believing that something better cannot assume its vacant space. It’s also inherently believing that fear serves your highest interest instead of God/The Universe/Source.

I know that this reluctance has certainly plagued me, even more so in my journey to a higher consciousness. I know this to be true because I’m consistently tested in the art of letting go or releasing that which I know no longer serves me. Sure, it becomes a little less difficult and a little less difficult every time that I have to do it, but it’s still not my favorite thing to do.

Even at the level of consciousness that I’m currently on, I know when I’m holding onto the wrong thing, but sometimes I opt to remain in denial of needing to release it so that I can create space in my life. You want to know what space is??? Space is scary! Space is even scarier when you’re used to a particular space always being filled. That emptiness then gives way to anxiety and a loss of faith in the ability of the Universe to support you for making healthy decisions for your life.

Space may be scary, but it is also healthy and we need this room as we continue to grow into better versions of ourselves…

Why do we need this room, you ask?

We need this room so that we can make clear decisions about where we’re going. When we have unhealthy things and people occupying space in our lives, every decision we make is clouded and laced with fear. How can we move forward and progress in our lives if we’re allowing stagnant situations and complacent people to occupy a large portion of our space? The answer is that you can’t. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t move forward when you’re staying stuck and holding onto that which no longer serves your highest good. It is completely your prerogative to choose fear over growth, but when it becomes too much to bear and you’re miserable, know it’s because of that decision. As we mature in our spiritual nature, fear should naturally begin to lessen and letting go should become easier, but if you’re scared to let go then, in essence, you’re scared to grow!

A few months ago, during the ending of my most recent relationship and amidst some of the scariest times in my life because of other things going on simultaneously, I began to meditate on space and creating space and its benefits.

I’ve always been a person hell bent on trying to make something work or to save something or to keep something around “just in case.” I wasn’t a huge fan of throwing things away, I kept all the space in my life occupied, to the point of actual clutter really because it felt comfortable. There is nothing healthy about clutter. We must learn to de-clutter our lives and personal space for our own good.

So when my life turned masterfully chaotic all at once and I felt like I was losing all control, I, of course, freaked out and then returned to trusting God. It took me the next few months to sort it all out and reflect on what the Universe was trying to teach me. I believe that this lesson was learning how to let things go and create space and to believe deeply in the magic that could fill it.

I had no choice but to clean house, both literally and figuratively during this time and told myself that no matter the pain I had experienced, I wouldn’t let it keep me from believing that amazing things, people and experiences were on the way.

Fast forward a few months and I’m writing this blog from a dream living/creating space. Actually a space that I had envisioned myself having a little over a year ago. A few amazing experiences under my belt and the addition of incredible new people into my life.

I couldn’t have come into receiving any of these things before I created space for them. You can’t live in two spaces at once. You can’t have amazing and enriching experiences when you’re mired down in unhealthy and unfulfilling situations and you most certainly can’t have amazing people enter your life if you’re allowing unhealthy “space-fillers” to stick around.


The magic always begins to flow into your experience the moment you become comfortable in your new found space. Enjoy this period of time, do not loathe it, it is a necessary gestation period for you in order to truly appreciate when the magic comes.

Space is a beautiful thing and space is also precious. Hold your space in high regard. Hold yourself accountable for the things and people you allow into it. Essentially, when you allow things and people into your space, you’re in turn giving a piece of yourself or your heart to it, be particular about this. Not everything or everyone is deserving of you or your space.

Sometimes it may require saying to yourself, “Hey, I’m currently feeling a little anxiety because of some newly created space in my life and I know how easy it would be to try to find something or someone to occupy it so that I can immediately feel better, but I’d rather trust God and the Universe and their perfect timing to send magic flying my way. Discomfort is an illusion, I believe in God and I believe in magic.”

I believe in magic, do you?!





2 thoughts on “Clear Space, Expect Magic

  1. I love this post; it is so insightful and I am sure there are so many people that will be able to relate. For me, lately, I am making attempts at creating space by trying to clear out the clutter in my mind. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much!!! Clearing out space in your mind is just as essential as clearing out space in your life, heart and other aspects. You need that space in your mind so that you can regain a sense of clarity!!! Happy Thanksgiving, btw!!!! ❤

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