Sinking Ships


And in the end, the brevity of it all settled in like the sands at the bottom of an ocean

Stirred around a bit, yet still never to be seen again

Nothing left to show for it all

The existence and non-existence

The there and then gone before you know it like the sinking of a ship

Who knew that would be our final resting place

A love gone down like a man falling overboard into relentless waves

Horrific, but what could you do

Everything lost at sea can’t be saved

But, if you’re lucky, a piece of it may wash ashore one day

A subtle reminder of what once was

An artifact affirming that something once mattered

Something that set sail with no foreseeable route to speak of

That was our love

A worthwhile journey however fleeting

Now at home with the other wreckage

Adorning the depths, still dangerously out of reach

Always precious

But now it belongs to the floors of the sea

Written by Brittni Pope on 9.12.14



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