Staying Positive During Difficulties


It happens to all of us, we start to feel comfortable because everything is going well and we feel that wonderful peace-of-mind. Then, out of nowhere something happens and then something else happens and then even more happens. Like people have always said, “When it rains, it pours.” And here you are looking like a deer in headlights trying to figure out what the hell happened and where it all came from.

Positive thinking has single-handedly changed my life. I mean it, I really do! When it felt as if everything in my whole life was going wrong and haywire, I made the decision to listen to a Joel Osteen lecture on YouTube while I was working. This one lecture had a domino-effect on my life and two years later I’m in such a beautiful place. Beyond that, all of those messes that I had made during that time ended up cleaning themselves up rather nicely.

It’s so easy to think positively when everything is going right, but it seems nearly impossible to do when it feels as if your world has just been turned upside down. You want to think positive thoughts, yet your mind continuously defaults to all of the worst-case-scenarios and you find yourself in some weird limbo of trying to be positive but fully expecting the worst outcome. It can be so frustrating working through this feeling…

What I found through listening to virtually every Joel Osteen lecture there is on YouTube is that thinking positively during difficult times is so absolutely necessary, even more necessary than in normal times. Those positive thoughts do so much more work behind the scenes of your life than you may realize.

For me, it felt like every new bad thing that happened was another sign that my life was spiraling beyond my control and what’s scarier than feeling like you have absolutely no control over your life?! I realized then that there were only two things I could lean on in the midst of those times, my faith and my ability to believe that things were going to be ok. When you’re in the depths of difficulties, you don’t see a way out, you see a tunnel and you think that there may be a light on the other end but that you’ll just die before you get to it.

So one night, I can remember it oh so vividly, I was sitting on my bedroom floor at my parents’ house, propped up against my bed, crying like I’d never cried before and yelling at God. I didn’t understand why God would allow such trouble to come into my life, I didn’t understand why it had to be me and I DEFINITELY didn’t understand that God would use this situation to bring me closer to Him and closer to the woman who I am today. All I knew was that it felt like my life was over. Then towards the end of my meltdown, I felt a wave of calm wash over me and from that point on I felt an inner-peace like I’d never experienced before.

I trusted that everything was going to turn out okay and for my ultimate good. I changed my thinking and started imagining the best outcomes possible instead of the worst outcomes. I started BELIEVING that they would come true and little by little my life started improving in so many other aspects, too.

Difficult times in life will come and go and when they come, it’s ok to feel a little daunted by them, even overwhelmed, but don’t feel defeated. Feeling defeated will quickly pull you into a negative place that can only hurt your situation more than it can help it. Never stop reminding yourself of all the other times you made it through difficult situations.

Every time you make it through one of those difficulties, you’re getting stronger, you’re growing, you’re becoming better and you’re becoming better equipped to handle the next curve ball life throws your way. Learning to see these difficulties as necessary parts of your growth helps you see the positive in a seemingly negative situation. They call them “growing pains” for a reason!

The key in thriving in these times is to grow through the pain, stay positive about the situation, keep a positive attitude towards yourself and others, remember that it’s helping you and the pain that you feel is only temporary. It takes strength to keep yourself together when everything seems to be falling apart, but it’s important to prove to yourself that you’re strong enough to do it.

You can’t be sad enough to make a sad situation better, all you can do is rise to the occasion and fight for your right to get back to that place of peace. The ultimate goal is to get to a place where you aren’t even that affected by what happens in your life and you just positively roll with the punches and completely trust the process and journey.

Trust the process, trust your journey, trust that your dreams can come true, trust that you’ll meet that special someone, trust that life is good, trust that God knows what’s best for you, trust in your resilience and most importantly trust in your ability to conquer all that comes your way!

I believe in you and love you!!!



5 thoughts on “Staying Positive During Difficulties

  1. Great post. Thank you for sharing your experience. Developing trust and maintaining a positive attitude is essential, especially during trying times. If more people approached their challenges this way, we would have a healthier society!

  2. My Precious Angelica Brittni,
    You are amazing. I love your resilience and everything you stand for. You are so inspiring and honest. I thank God for you daily Dream BIG and REACH for the STARS.

  3. Sally, thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this post! I’m so sorry that I didn’t respond sooner, somehow this sweet comment was stuck in spam! You’re so right, sometimes I’m thankful for the trying times because they continually force me to grow in those areas!!! Sending you lots of love and light ❤

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