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Being faced with health issues can be one of the most terrifying things…ever. Not just a common cold or the flu, but an issue that could impact your life or even take your life. The idea of having to face our own mortality any earlier than 75 years old is just so incredibly intimidating.

Recently, I’ve had to to do this, not quite in the sense of dying any time soon, but rather the concept of knowing that my physical body has attributes that could cause me issues in the future. Feelings of frustration, anger, fear and hopelessness consumed me initially. Now, when I give the situation too much thought and I find those feelings beginning to surface again, I feel them and then think about the best case scenarios.

Anyways, as I’ve found myself on this surprise journey, I’ve encountered a few things I feel compelled to share with all of you.

1. Think Yourself Well:

It’s completely possible! Now, before you either berate me, think I’m a fool or decide to throw some WebMD article at me, give me a chance! I, too, was skeptical of this concept. The idea that someone could just think him/herself off of his/her deathbed or out-think cancer or injuries from an accident just seemed absurd and too good to be true. People were still dying or having to adopt new normals because of issues outside of their immediate control. I believe in God and I believe that God knows of everything before it happens to us. I believe that anything, good or bad, serves a purpose for our highest good. How is illness a part of our highest good? How is it ok if you or someone you love dies? I get it! What I’m saying here is that our minds and our thoughts are so powerful and we have the capacity and propensity to use our thoughts to keep us powerless or empowered. Death for us all is inevitable and no matter or how it happens, I believe that it was already set for that date there’s nothing we can do to change it.

Basically, I have said all of this to say, there is no harm in using the power of thought and positive thinking during times of uncertainty. Beyond that, it’s ok to remember that doctors are people too, not God, and no prediction or diagnosis is outside of God’s ability to cure, change or reverse. With that being said, obviously doctors are not against you and are there for a reason, use them. However, don’t allow your thoughts to prematurely think you into a worse condition.

2. We’re Socialized to Focus More on Illness than Wellness:

Day after day, we’re seemingly bombarded with commercials of new pills or medicines featuring side effects worse than the initial condition, ground breaking surgeries, a Facebook page spreading awareness for someone suffering or articles online featuring vague symptoms of something we decide then and there we may be suffering from. It’s such a circus! How on earth can we focus on our wholeness when all we know is identifying the parts of us in which may or may not be broken?!

It’s absolutely baffling to me how in harmony illnesses work against our bodies. Or how illnesses change and manipulate themselves to become even more resistant and even more resistant to our medicines. Yet we can’t seem to do the same. Obviously, nothing about the physical human body is invincible, but I can t be the only person in the world who had heard of people virtually defying all the odds and beating an illness or recovering from life-threatening injuries. What’s to say this can’t be the new norm for our physical bodies? Abraham Hicks says that our current conditions usually reflect our vibration.

What’s the trouble with this you ask? Well the trouble is that once we begin to identify who we are with a diagnosis or a perceived disability or other things of that sort, we give a lot of our power away. Instead of seeing who we really are, which are eternal beings having a human experience, we begin to see only what we think is wrong with us and it starts to consume us. We bring the subsequent fears and insecurities into our relationships and daily lives. Depending on what’s going on, the issue may affect your daily life and because it does you may feel as if you can’t escape it.

You have literally become a living, walking and talking diagnosis or disability and life as you once knew it slowly begins to turn into some story that doesn’t feel like your life, but someone else’s.

You don’t want it to negatively affect your relationships. People who love you wouldn’t ever want to see you hurting or in pain, but if you’re angry and projecting it onto those relationships you’ll only push the people you need the most away. The anger usually stems from fear and from feeling like our bodies have betrayed us. However, this is not the case. Our bodies are susceptible to a multitude of issues, so instead of taking that on as your fault, just accept it for what it is and forgive your body. Your body still needs your love, especially once it begins the process of trying to heal itself.

This piece isn’t meant to devalue the seriousness of any health issue, but rather to hopefully help you recognize if you’re experiencing one/some that there’s more to life than that.

When I found myself faced with this challenge, I decided that the two things above combined with prayer could and would help me figure out how to adapt. Fortunately, what I’m facing doesn’t have to affect me the rest of my life, it could, but I don’t believe that it will because I’m taking all of its power away. I’m refusing to align with it and I’m most certainly refusing to acknowledge its prolonged presence in my life.

We have so much power over our health, we really do. Often times we don’t realize it because we’re taught only to believe what’s wrong with us and hardly ever what’s right with us. If only we could understand how important it is to focus on all the good and getting well rather than getting worse, I think so many people could see such a huge improvement in their health. Remember that you’re always on the road to recovery.

I am well. I am healthy. I am whole. I am loved. I am in harmony with my highest self and not my earthly body. I am grateful for doctors who help me. I am grateful for spiritual teachers who have taught me to understand that I am not my body. And you, my darling, are not yours either.

Get well soon!

I love you so much!

With Love,

Brittni Pope


One thought on “Get Well Soon

  1. My Precious Angelica Brittni,
    I am always in awe when I read your work. I know that GOD has given you this gift to enlighten me and others. YOU are so POSITIVE. I LOVE IT.

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