What’s in My Purse?


An awesome young woman named Erin with the company Credit Card Insider reached out to me and asked me to share a few of my everyday essentials for my purse! I’m definitely a purse gal and was excited to share and discuss the items that get me through my day without weighing me down! Check out my essentials after the jump!


I keep two wallets with me, one holds my most used cards and ID plus some cash and my other one holds other various cards or important receipts. I love colorful and patterned wallets to keep something fairly mundane fun and whimsical! I’m all about a fabulous pair of sunglasses! I tend to alternate between my RayBan Aviators or my Aloha Friday tortoise wayfarers from Maui Jim because they always look stylish and are functional for driving and protecting my eyes. I also like to carry my actual prescription glasses in case my eyes need a break from my contacts! I believe that you always need a pair of earplugs and a USB phone charger for your car, so these are must haves in my purse! Writing is one of my passions, therefore I always like to have a notebook or pad of some sort with me for when inspiration strikes and I’m not near my computer. I’m a very simple gal when it comes to makeup, a good chapstick, eyeliner and foundation/concealer is all I really need to get me through my day. And my phone is always with me…for obvious reasons of course! =]


Big hugs to Erin for asking me to be a part of her “What’s in Your Purse?” campaign!!!

Soooo, I must ask….what’s in your purse?

With Love,

Brittni Pope


One thought on “What’s in My Purse?

  1. As usual, you are right again. I have so much in my purse that I need to remove. I am sure rather than weighing 5 lbs. it would probably be about 2 lbs. helping my posture in more ways than one. Thank you!

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