Sometimes you have moments in your life that teach you just how precious you are. I had that moment today. My amazing friend Maritza has been the recipient of tons of text messages that I’ve sent her the past two days filled with beautiful pictures, quotes and some of my poetry. The fact that she enjoys receiving and seeing what inspires me means so much, however, beyond that, just to be able to share it with someone else so freely is a different blessing entirely. I learned that being able to share in that way helps me grow even more and teaches me.

There are days when all I can think about doing are writing and perusing Tumblr and researching things that interest me. Literally, it’s the real life, real-time version of Pinterest. It’s a vision board in motion. These days come in waves and are so welcomed when they arrive. I love them. Everything just pours out of me and by the end of it I somehow feel restored, renewed and replenished. I’d never really shared the process with someone until Maritza, it was different, but sharing it was beautiful. Also, to be able to dialogue back and forth with her about what I was sending helped me flesh out the beauty of this experience even more.

This morning I sent Maritza several pictures. I would say that the overall recurring theme of the pictures that inspire me are ones of nature. Something about these pictures, just the idea of knowing they exist outside of the confines of my wildest dreams and are there waiting for me to experience is the most insanely incredible thing ever to me. Anyways, I was looking back at the pictures that I’d sent her and I was struck with a thought….

The same God who created this, created me!

How beautiful is that?

Often times I see pictures of some of the most gorgeous places in the world and I’m just in awe. God creates everything with a purpose. Everything is always in order. It doesn’t need to be altered in any way. On its own, it’s perfect.

I sent this to Maritza and she replied back, “We are masterpieces.”

We are. We truly are.

The idea, the notion, the thought that God put that same effort, care and detail into creating me is humbling. Into creating all of us! It makes me cry.

Yet, here we are tearing others down, changing ourselves in an effort to look like someone else, telling ourselves we aren’t good enough! What a smack in the face to God! How dare us belittle His vision for each of us!

My goodness, it’s so easy to forget! It’s so easy to look in all of the wrong places for what you have to add to make yourself into society’s version of a “masterpiece.” Instead we should turn to God, to His perfect creations in nature and retreat to our most authentic and unchanging truth. We are made in the likeness of God and therefore we are beautiful. We are all different and God shares a part of himself in each of us and we don’t need to change.

When we see something beautiful in nature and someone does something to change it, 9.5 times out of 10 it takes away from it.

That’s how we have to see ourselves. I don’t mean stop attempting to grow and become a better person. I mean stop trying to force yourself into a man-made mold and embrace that you weren’t created in a mold at all!  You were created by a force with a vision so immense, so out-of-this-world, so beyond comprehension that there isn’t a genius human-mind in this world that can fully explain the complexities of the human body. Let alone the complexities of you!

How amazing is that?!

If only we could always walk and live in alignment with this truth, imagine how different things would be! How much happier we would be. How much more understanding we would be. How much more compassionate we would be. How much time we would invest in helping to cultivate others to embrace this truth instead of comparing or contrasting ourselves to them. How much good we could do in this world if we accessed the divine power within us.

God is within us all. Go Google pictures of space and realize that that exists in you.

I think I now understand why pictures of nature make me feel this way, it’s because it’s a reflection of what lives inside of me.

For the record, I don’t just mean pretty sunrises over a pretty ocean kind of pictures. I mean pictures of a volcano erupting, pictures of waterfalls, pictures of humongous lilli-pads, pictures of the desert, pictures of trees and flowers, pictures of vast expanses that appear to have nothing at all.

Those grains of sand, those droplets of water, that collection of star dust, that bit of magma, that bolt of lightning, that flower petal, that touch of mystery is breathing, growing and evolving inside of me.

I am powerful. I am divine. I cannot be explained. I am the human embodiment of the collective force that is nature. I thrive where I am created and the collective force that is me is the human embodiment of the Ultimate Creator.

The sheer enormity of this concept can change lives. I have to share it. I have to get it out there. I need someone to read this and for it to resonate so deeply that it transforms their human experience.

That’s what it has done for me. I’m not the same person I was yesterday because I have learned and embraced this truth.

God loves me and I am perfect.

God loves you and you are perfect.

With SOOOOO Much Love,

Brittni Pope


One thought on “Masterpiece

  1. This is so TRUE. We are all Masterpieces created by God for him to use us as a vessel to deliver this message that you portrayed so eloquently.

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