“She Knows”

She Knows

“She Knows”
You can tell a woman who knows herself
Who loves herself
Who’s at ease with herself
She’s the one walking with her head held high
With her eyes straight ahead
Not searching for approval in the faces of those she walks by
She’s got a slight smirk across her lips
Because she knows…
She glows
She goes wherever her heart takes her
And takes pride in her soul
She glides
She steps with the wind
And she knows it
At first glance, she may appear distant
She is
She’s somewhere basking in the warmth of love
In the heat of passion
In the light of freedom
She’s golden
She’s bright
She’s a woman who knows herself, all right
She doesn’t try
She just is
She’s a woman of the world unseen
An earthly reminder of who we all can be
She’s here now, but she’s forever passing through
She’s a woman who knows herself
Amongst many, she’s one of the chosen few

By Brittni Pope



4 thoughts on ““She Knows”

  1. Hi Beautiful, You are so AWESOME and LOVED. This poem is so you. I thank God for you everyday.

  2. Haley, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and to share my words with someone you know! That means a lot to me!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤

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