I fought the good fight for you
Or more for me than you, I’d say…
I sat back and watched as the tides of life began to erode the roughest parts of you away
Smooth to the touch and in texture
However, you were still more complex than one could ever successfully measure
You were all of the particles, but the masses too, bits and pieces to completion
You were a force to be reckoned with
Even after the tide stole from you…
Day in and day out, season after season
I never doubted that you’d remain
But just when I thought you might give way and acquiesce to what could be termed as your eternal enemy
You rose up and fought back, sending the tide scurrying away
Retreating back to its source
And you, yours
All of your strength in knowing that there was nothing the tide could take that your Source wouldn’t bring back home to you
The enemy will come and go
And you will stay
Not because you are invincible, but because you were designed to withstand attack
You were pieces, you were layers, you were solid, you were packed tight
The enemy cannot destroy that which it cannot break down
There will never be a darkness black enough to consume one light
So fight, just fight
Turn the tide away
Remain, remain, remain
With Love,
Brittni Pope



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