How dare you be everything I wanted and nothing that I needed.
How dare you help me to betray myself.
You taught me that sometimes saying yes is harder than saying no.
That there’s a thin line between pleasure and regret.
That I could cross that line.
Time and time again…
Hitting my head on concrete countless times before I could come to my senses.
Relapsing so easily into the dirty throws of this addiction.
Calling you a drug would be both inaccurate and too nice.
You were like…
A magnet, pulling me towards you simply because you could
Knowing our connection was mutual, but not a direct cause of any good.
God, you were so selfish.
And the weakest part of me loved it
You came before I knew better
But now that I know
Relapsing into your dysfunction couldn’t get me high enough to balance out our low.

With Love,

Brittni Pope


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