Creating The Life of Your Dreams

BR10.5There are few moments in one’s life that are sweeter than the feeling of coming full circle. Somehow emerging from the midst of the unknown, a little battered and bruised, yet no worse for wear and probably a little better off than you were before. All of those struggles seemingly transforming into the unfolding of the life that you desperately coveted for as long as you can remember. It’s truly humbling.

When I look at my life, just as it is in this very moment, it blows my mind. Growing up, I had all of these little dreams, but if they took a little longer to come to fruition or seemingly didn’t happen at all, I’d get a little discouraged, but I’d still press forward. However, this attitude was before I began my spiritual journey.

My spiritual journey hasn’t been cupcakes and confetti, in fact, I experienced the most trying and scariest 10 months of my life on this journey. When all of  this trouble began, perhaps when I should have become skeptical if a God even existed at all, this spiritual journey is what I held steadfast to. This journey has taught me to embrace the unknown and uncertainty in ways that I didn’t think I ever could.

So, when I look back now, since I’m now on the other side of all that trouble and better off than I was before it happened, I can’t help but wonder to myself, “How in the hell did this happen? How on earth did I get here?”

Slowly, but surely, I’m becoming the woman I’d always dreamt of being. It’s amazing and terrifying all at once! Amazing because I’m getting to live my dreams. Terrifying because it could end at any moment.

Nothing was given to me. However, I won’t deny that I have been immensely blessed throughout my life and for that I am so INCREDIBLY grateful. Wait, you know what, I take that back, I have been given something…I’ve been given chances. Chances to change, to grow, to become better, to seize opportunities. However, I won’t deny that I have had to work my ass off either. I’ve had to fake confidence when my self-esteem disappeared, I’ve had to fake loving myself when I hated myself, I’ve had to fake already being the best for the opportunity to prove that I can become one of the best. So there’s definitely a solid balance here.

Creating the life of your dreams is about balance. You must find the balance between accepting that you don’t have control over the majority of your life and accepting that you must work hard while going in the direction of your dreams in the areas that you can control.

I truly believe that everyone is capable of living the life of his/her dreams, but I also believe that we do have the power to get in our own way and prevent ourselves from living that dream life. This point goes back to fear. The fear of your dreams not coming true and the fear of your dreams coming true.

To live your dream life you have to be really brave. You have to learn to be unperturbed by people who won’t support your dream life, who won’t understand your dream life, who don’t want to see you live your dream life and by your ego-self when things go in an unexpected direction.

By nature, your ego-self thinks it knows best, when in actuality it knows very little. It’s often the biggest obstacle when it comes to mastering your mind. Mastering your mind is an essential part of creating the life of your dreams because it allows you to keep the emotional and sometimes irrational parts of yourself in check. Left unchecked, this side of you has the power to completely derail you on your journey. (Crimes of passion, anyone!!!??? Many scorned lovers are behind bars today because their emotional side went unchecked.) I learned this lesson the hard way and every day I have to work really hard to reel my emotional-self in.

I would say that one of the toughest parts of the journey to creating the life of your dreams is learning how to remain open. Open = uncertainty. Being open means that you relinquish the need to control how your dreams to come to pass. and just believe that they will come to pass. If you’re concerned about the “how”, you may miss out on your dream life. HUGE blessings can come into your life disguised as the scariest moments. (I quit my first job out of college in an extremely abrupt and unexpected way, and made other subsequent decisions that caused all sorts of trouble in my life…and I now have more than I did before in so many ways.) Sure, it’d be great if all blessings floated down from Heaven perfectly gift-wrapped with a cashmere sweater from JCrew, but they don’t.

It isn’t always about getting more money or being able to get more “stuff”, for me my dream life included being ridiculously happy for no reason no matter what’s going on! Let your dream life be all encompassing and not just dependent on monetary wealth.

The next part of creating the life of your dreams is acting as if you’re already living that life. Use this step responsibly. If you don’t have the money to buy something crazy extravagant that you don’t really need, DO NOT charge it on a credit card and incur debt. I am a proponent of faking it until you make it and to an extent, I do this every day. Abraham Hicks speaks a lot about aligning ourselves with our desires and part of doing that successfully is getting into the feeling of already having what you want. So I live and act out of that place…again, within reason of course!!!

And, obviously, you should be thankful for every single thing that you have right now.

Creating the life of your dreams, is moment by moment. You must also learn that you’re CO-CREATING your life with the Universe (God, Source, etc). Control what you can control and let go of everything that you can’t and get comfortable with being uncomfortable because you don’t know how dreams are going to unfold! Learn to find uncertainty exciting. Learn to see problems as blessings in disguise. Learn to be happy NO MATTER WHAT. Being happy no matter what automatically puts you on a vibrational frequency that can’t help but attract good things.

Living the life of your dreams probably won’t happen over night. However, don’t discount those subtle changes in yourself and your lifestyle, all of those small steps are taking you in the direction of your dreams. Not to mention, helping you become the person that you need to be in order to fully be ready to enjoy living the life of your dreams. Again, living the life of one’s dreams isn’t for the faint of heart. As a good friend of mine put it,  you need “THE BALLS TO EVOLVE!”

Enjoy the journey, don’t worry about how you’re going to get to the destination and BELIEVE DEEPLY in the existence of your grandest destination.

I’ll see you there!!!

I love you!!!

Brittni Pope


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