The Problem With Potential

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 8.14.11 PMDo you suffer from paralysis when it comes to leaving a person or situation who obviously is no longer serving your highest good, but has the “potential” to do so?

Do you often find yourself senselessly justifying someone’s bullshit because they have the “potential” to be better?

Are you still dating someone who takes advantage of the fact that you care and doesn’t step up to the plate because the two of you have the “potential” to be amazing together?

Do you stay stuck in a job or career that you either don’t love or is no longer helping you grow because it has the “potential” to evolve into what you want it to be?

Then you, my darling, are needlessly suffering from Potential-itis. A POTENTIALLY (pun intended) chronic illness that may cause you to settle for less than what you deserve, suffer for no reason and go without ultimate satisfaction because you’re too scared to cut the cord.

So, let’s cut the cord and CUT THE CRAP!!!!

Follow the jump to view the latest video in my Love Notes series where I have an in-depth discussion about the true problem with potential!!!

Do you think you can rid yourself of Potential-itis???

Thanks for watching/reading!!!

With Love,

Brittni Pope


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