The Good in Goodbye

The Good in GoodbyeEven so recently as two years ago, I didn’t think it was possible to find any good in anything ending. Simply because nothing ever ends cleanly cut, there are always loose ends to either tie up or they’re just left to hang there and cause you to feel miserably and unduly nostalgic for better times. And then you start dwelling on the past better times and forget the less-than-stellar things that caused the situation to end. I think it’s important to keep things in perspective. Finding the balance between looking back on a situation and being able to appreciate the positives and acknowledge how it served in your evolution, but conversely knowing how to look back on a situation and understanding why it’s no longer a good match for you.

This is tough to do, it takes practice and it really takes time! The past two years of my life have been SO filled with endings, but equally filled with new beginnings. Everything  has played a part in my personal evolution and everything ALWAYS goes back to the Art of Letting Go.

For so long I would suffer, needlessly and unduly. Deciding that it was my job to take on other peoples’ issues or to blame myself when things went awry. The suffering would last for long periods of time and would literally suck the life out of me…stress stress stress! When I began my spiritual journey I knew that I had to remove stressful people from my energy bubble, it wasn’t easy because I loved the stressful people in my life…

It’s not that easy, removing those people or ending relationships with those people is just the first step. The hard part is looking inward and learning to identify your triggers and more importantly learning how to remain unaffected by peoples’ actions and extenuating circumstances. The key is to not take anything personally.

Joel Osteen says something to the effect of, “The waters in the deep depths of the ocean are always still, doesn’t matter what’s going on on the surface above, those waters remain still. However, the surface water are always in constant motion and are affected by every little thing. Aim to be like the deep waters.”

So, that’s what I do every day. I aim to be deep and still. Deep and Still. Deep and Still. Sometimes I fail, but because I’ve really been able to gain control over my emotions for the most part, I’m usually able to keep myself in check and put the ending of relationships and friendships in perspective.

That’s what I hope you can learn to do.

People will come and go. Situations will come and go. Learn what you can, Appreciate what was, Remember what it has become, Let go of what is no longer.

This is how you truly change your experience in life. Understanding that at every point in your life, you have exactly who and what you need. When something ends, stop feeling like it’s a huge loss and that you’re now lacking something, NO, the Universe and God are always working in our highest good, nothing is ever lost or taken away without being replaced with something or someone who is now a better fit for our current experiences and evolution.

If you’re doing life right, you should always be growing and evolving and changing. The right people and situations for each stage in your life will be there, growing, evolving and changing with you. The wrong people and situations won’t be, they’ll magically fall by the wayside AND THAT’S OKAY!!!!

I’ll end on this…Every day I pray to God to remove all situations and people from my life who won’t be a good match for me in my long run experience and for those new people and situations that He brings in to teach me and help me grow and that when those seasons are over that He will hold me if I’m in pain and add to my resilience.

There is always good, even in goodbye. Stop fighting…just release. Love yourself enough to let go. Letting go is the only way to hold on.

I love you.

With Love,

Brittni Pope


One thought on “The Good in Goodbye

  1. I know what you mean ,I to have had to let go of the negative in my past to be able to be happy and be positive.your words hit me because I can relate.good movie to watch is called the secret it relates with what you are saying.

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