Yo’ Yosemite


So, I lied, I thought about doing one big post, but then I decided that I had so many awesome photos from each place that I visited that I decided to break down each post to showcase each location. As the title says, I was in Yosemite. Hands down one of the most gorgeous and awe-inspiring places that I have ever visited. Pictures just don’t do it justice, pictures can’t capture the dimension, the beauty, all I can say is that if you have the opportunity to go…SEIZE IT!  I went on the 4 Mile Trail and to Glacier Point, I attempted to go to Taft Pointe, but unfortunately I was literally so fatigued that I thought I might collapse and didn’t want to put my friend in a scary position if I did. I’m still bummed I didn’t get to see it. Hiking along the 4 Mile Trail was epic, really hard for me because I’m not in killer shape, but still absolutely breathtaking and worth the attempt. Met so many people on the trail, from all over I’m sure, but many from Europe! Also, while hiking back up the mountain I saw a massive bobcat and when I saw that I was like “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” and tried to kick my ass into high gear! On the way to the trail I saw a coyote, it was so chill and let me film it! Totally got my National Geographic on, just waiting for them to call me and hire me!!! Follow the jump to see the rest of my pictures!!!!Y5Y16 Y15 Y14 Y13 Y12 Y11 Y10 Y9 Y7 Y6 Y4 Y3 Y1

Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed being there. What a beautiful place!!! And don’t worry, I took lots of footage that will be compiled so you can actually see this place in action in the 4th episode of my YouTube series!!!

With Love,

Brittni Pope


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