How To Define Your Personal Style


I’m passionate about so many things and one of them happens to be fashion! For the better part of my younger years I went through so many fashion phases and experimentations all in the hopes of discovering my “personal style”. Once I got a little older and embraced that “trends” aren’t the end-all-and-be-all of fashion, my passion for fashion blossomed and I have amassed a wardrobe and shoe collection that I absolutely love, but most importantly a wardrobe that encompasses who I am as an individual.

I understand how difficult it can be to figure out because there are so many style categories out there and sometimes expressing your true self through fashion requires a lot of confidence and courage. Below I have created my first fashion-related video for my YouTube series. In this video, I discuss the things that helped me define my personal style and show myself in a few outfits from my wardrobe showcasing just how eclectic my closet really is…just like my personality!!! I hope you enjoy!

*I have decided to post all of my videos after the “jump” since there’s no way to keep them from auto-playing and turning my blog into an audio hot mess! 

Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoy!!!!

With Love,

Brittni Pope

Ps: Don’t worry, I’m not turning my blog into a fashion blog!! However, my blog will continue to be an amalgam of all of my passions!!! Fashion just happens to be one of them!!!



One thought on “How To Define Your Personal Style

  1. You’re the best babe!! I’m really proud of what you’re doing…keep it up! I really like how the video feels at your spot…but if your self-conscious about it, you know you can use the studio whenever 😉

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