A Sea of Love and Loss

MFL1“The tears that you shed late in the night, burning like embers from your eyes, smoldering down your face. Your desperate attempts to wipe them away, still scarring all the while. Coming to terms with your foolish denial. The pain welling up in the pit of your stomach, hardening into a mass that was nothing more than a malignant indicator that you were in over your head. A flood of delusion you were no longer sane enough to tread. Dead-man-floating your way to the reality that all of that smooth sailing was nothing more than a pre-cursor to an all out calamity. Feelings capsizing all over the place. Remnants of what once was strewn across the sea, slowly sinking into the depths of a world no man was ever designed to see. Settling on the floor with creatures of the dark. Your pain indeed had a home. Thousands upon thousands of leagues below…in a place where darkness is all that it has ever known.” – Brittni Pope

I am a light, but there are also dark parts of myself. I don’t try to hide them out of fear that they might upset my balance and throw me off of my spiritual path. Just like I feel the need to honor the light in everyone that I see, I, too, must honor their darkness. I honor my darkness by letting it just be itself. A large majority of the things that I write sometimes have this undertone of darkness because my life does and for whatever reason, it always has. However, I don’t live my life depressed or trying to hurt others, I’m extremely happy, but sometimes there are situations that I must give over to my dark side so that I can heal. The loss of certain relationships usually are given to my dark side. The light in me prays that anything that isn’t meant for the good in my long run will fall apart. The dark in me honors my humanity and that it’s ok to feel pain behind my loss.

Does anyone else feel this way?

With Love,

Brittni Pope


3 thoughts on “A Sea of Love and Loss

  1. “Does anyone else feel this way?”…. very pointed question. Everyone would have some similarity of experience if the inner examinations were performed. Without inner examination were are blinded by ego and miss the opportunity to observe our state of balance. As such, the efforts in maintaining the spiritual path are minimized.

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