Life Lately

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1. Pho Dac Biet – My first time trying pho and now I’m obsessed. OBSESSED.

2. Pizza from Ammazza in Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta. Delicious!!!

3. New lace bralettes from Urban Outfitters. Boob heaven! I’m just saying! And then they’re SOOO pretty, too!

4. Me last Thursday: Dress: French Connection Bag: Coach

5. Atlanta skyline! Love this view!!!

6. My Mom’s new kitty, Ash.

7. Ash looks just like a little black panther! SO cute!

8. My new Maui Jim sunglasses!! Best lenses EVER.

9. Saw the amazing group The Neighbourhood live at CenterStage on June 17 and it was an incredible show!!! (Plus the lead singer is soooo hott! Whew!)

10. Me headed out to one of my brother’s baseball games.

11. One of my favorite types of outfits: Fitted t-shirt, fitted pencil skirt and cute heels!!!

12. Some serious thunderstorms hit Atlanta the other week and I was finally able to capture this elusive and stellar lightening shot through my window!!!

13. My first time trying Persian food…this was the lamb chop entree from Rumi’s Kitchen.

With Love,

Brittni Pope


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