Life Lately

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1. My friend’s new loft in downtown Atlanta

2. A slice of pepperoni and spinach pizza from Fellini’s (No matter how much of a foodie I become, I won’t ever be too fancy for a great slice of pizza from here!)

3. A shot of the Fellini’s and La Fonda sign on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta

4. A shot of the outside of Fellini’s

5. Another shot from inside of my friend’s loft

6. A pulled pork sandwich with a side of Mac’n’cheese from Heirloom BBQ Market (This place supposedly has some of the best ribs in the country! However, everytime I go they’re always sold out =/, which makes sense I guess. They sold out as soon as I got inside yesterday. BUMMER!)

7. I love warm nights and hanging by the pool with Atlanta’s beautiful skyline lighting up the night!

8. Guinea Hog Lardo from Holeman and Finch Public House

9. A shot of my bed and a gorgeous painting above it that I absolutely LOVE

10. Finston in the City – this is my fish Sir Finston Baithill, he’s the cutest Betta Fish ever and I loooove him so much!!!!

11. New shoes from Asos

12. A really cool selfie that I took on Sunday and edited!!!

13. One of my favorite shirts from Wildfox Couture

14. Received my passport in the mail a few days ago! So happy! My ticket to the world has arrived!!! Can’t wait to start my international traveling journeys!!!!

With Love,

Brittni Pope


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