God is Love


“God dwells in me, as me.”

This quote might actually be one of my all time favorite quotes. These six words manage to encapsulate everything that you pretty much need to know about life.

Which is….

God is in everything, as everything.

Quickly, let me first preface the remainder of this piece by asking you to not be caught up in the name “God” and for you to please put in whatever you call his/her/its likeness (i.e. Source, The Universe, Most High, Spirit, etc) I will be using God, but the name is just the name, the meaning is what I’m trying to convey here.

I grew up and am still living in the Southeastern part of the United States. I was raised to follow Christianity, if you want to get really specific, Baptist. A Southern Baptist, go figure?! LOL.

However, as I got older I took myself out of the church as I no longer understood what it really meant and how to incorporate it into my life. I always believed in something, but I didn’t know who or what. I didn’t really understand the semantics of religion and for a time in my life I honestly felt like God had forgotten about me. But as I got older and started studying religion more and understanding it more, my view on it changed.

Now, I whole-heartedly reject the idea of religion because I see religion as a societal construct that has been corrupted and is one of the most divisive institutions on the face of this great earth. This isn’t to be misconstrued with rejecting the idea of having a God, praising a God, praying to a God, and living your life in a way that teaches you to love and be good to others. This is why I identify myself as spiritual rather than religious.

I rarely go to church, I haven’t read the Bible in its entirety, I believe that others who believe differently than me are completely entitled to do so and I have no place condemning someone else for his/her beliefs. To that end, I can honestly say that the relationship that I have with God right now is the best relationship that I have ever had with God.

Why, you ask?

When I started my spiritual journey last July, one of the first things that I came to understand is that we, you and I, are NOT separate from God. God is in you, God is in me, God is in everything.

Many religions, especially Christianity, teach or lead us to assume that we are separate from God. Like, we are created after His image, but are completely separate from Him. This is incorrect.

I respect the God in me, therefore I respect the God in you.

The other thing that screws many people up is the picture of Jesus Christ floating around. When we think of Him, the image that comes to mind is of a long-haired white guy with blue eyes, the trouble with this is that not everyone on earth takes after this image. Which further causes us to believe that we are separate from God.

When I began my spiritual journey, I had to retrain my thinking from conjuring up this image whenever I had a conversation with God. Now I see God in everything as everything, so I just imagine my spirit communicating with an even greater spirit. The greatest spirit, if you will.

People also think that it’s wrong to recognize God as ourselves and ourselves as God, it isn’t. People view it as disrespectful or something, but it totally isn’t. God designed it this way for a reason. Look at it like this, we’re taught to love God and God teaches us to love each other, but those who view themselves as separate from God find it easy to hate someone else. Those who  view themselves as a part of God and God as a part of them find it extremely difficult to hate others because it is literally like hating God. It just doesn’t make sense to hate someone else even if they hurt you really bad, you still find a way to forgive them in your heart. If you can’t love your brother or sister (not actual blood here, just in general) how can you truly love God? You can’t.

At every moment, you are a representation of God. Sure, we all make mistakes and 90% of our lives aren’t always going to be our finest moments and there’s the only separation. The human being, physical self, is the only separate thing from us and God. The flesh was designed to make mistakes, our spirit is how we communicate our desire to atone for the mistakes and our desire to become better spirits as we learn and grow.

Our spiritual beings and our physical bodies work in tandem to allow us to become better conduits of the goodness of God while we are alive on earth.

Our physical bodies are NOT here haphazardly, our physical bodies are used to help us in our spiritual journey in our physical bodies to help others. This includes our minds, our ability to speak, it isn’t solely limited to actual physical capability.

People think if God is a part of who they are then they have to be perfect. Nope. You’re totally off the hook there. Worry less about being perfect or imperfect and focus more on being a better representative of how good, loving, and forgiving God is.

See because that’s how this world that we live in becomes a better place. When we stop looking for a long-haired white guy with blue eyes to descend upon earth and show us how, but rather when we use our spirits to communicate with God and we live our lives according to the example already set by Him.

The underlying message in all major religions/faiths and spirituality is love and loving one another.

God is love, therefore I am love, therefore you are love, therefore we are love.

Get it?


Brittni Pope

Ps: Don’t view yourself as just a physical body because you aren’t. Sure, you have a physical body, but first and foremost and WAAAYYYY before you inhabited your physical body you were a spirit and you will always be one even after your physical body dies. That’s the one thing that connects us all, our spirits.


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