Lunacy Black Market


There’s something so endearing about a dining experience in which you don’t feel like you’re eating at a restaurant, but rather someone’s home. Lunacy Black Market is the epitome of this type of restaurant. My first time eating at Lunacy Black Market was back in January and I’ve gone back twice since then. I just love it, the atmosphere, the energy, the people, the food…I could literally go on!

Perhaps my favorite part about eating at Lunacy Black Market is the chef, Paul Luna. I can’t say that I have ever eaten at a restaurant where the chef comes out to the dining room frequently and has real conversations with his/her patrons. Once you meet him and talk to him, you can tell that he genuinely cares about your dining experience and making you as comfortable as possible. It’s so nice.

My first time there, Chef Paul came out and greeted my friend and I and jumped right into a very spiritually guided conversation and it just felt right. Even three visits in, I still feel so at ease when I’m there and I just don’t think about any of the issues going in my life. I love it. Lunacy is an escape with awesome food to boot! OBSESSED!

I can best describe the interior of Lunacy as a definite hodgepodge of anything and everything from all over the place carefully picked out to accentuate a medium-sized space with an open floor plan. You’ll find yourself choosing from comfy love seats and coffee tables or regular –sized tables and varying chairs. All which adds to the space and makes it feel every more home-like.


The walls are decorated with interesting paintings and art pieces and ambiance-setting light fixtures illuminate the space giving it a very relaxed feel.

The menu hasn’t really changed much since I first visited in January, but the good thing is that the food is consistently amazing and I have yet to be disappointed by any of the tapas-style dishes that Chef Paul has created. During my second visit, my friend and I asked Chef Paul to create something totally on the fly and HE DID IT! So awesome, right?! All of the dishes are insanely flavorful and you can taste the effort put into each dish. There’s no rushing out food and compromising quality, each individual dish matters and you can taste it. The dishes can’t really be categorized into one particular style of cuisine, but rather they seem to be comfort fusion food that are telling of Chef Paul’s travels and passion for culinary arts.



I am proud to say that Lunacy was one of the driving forces that helped me to become really passionate about food. I always enjoyed good, safe food…but that dining experience ignited something within me that so desires to seek out amazing restaurants and try things that I never thought I’d have the courage to try before.

I love being able to support a restaurant that isn’t all about how much money it can get, but rather prides itself on the dining experience of its patrons. The prices are beyond reasonable and almost a steal considering how incredible the dishes are.

IMG_0243 IMG_0244 IMG_0245 IMG_0246 IMG_0247

I encourage you to run, not walk, to Lunacy Black Market. I would highly recommend this wonderful restaurant for date night, catching up with friends or just an excellent place to go to relax and be brought down to a delightfully-humbling and peaceful state accompanied by great food and a fabulous staff.

Lunacy Black Market

231 Mitchell St. SW

Atlanta, GA 30303

With So Much Love,

Brittni Pope

(Chef Paul Luna and I)



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