Holeman and Finch Public House


I honestly don’t even know where to begin…Holeman and Finch is special, so special that I have waited for over an hour and a half just to have one of its famous 10 o’clock burgers. So special that I think you have to be a friend of the President just to be properly seated in the dining room, as every time that I’ve gone I’ve pulled 007-esque moves just to secure seating in the bar area. So special that every time that I have gone there’s always a wait…once I went here on a Sunday for brunch because they serve their amazing burger without the usual nightly 24 burger limit, it opens at 11:30am, my friend and I arrived at 11:42am and there was no more available seating PLUS a line out of the door. Ps: Holeman and Finch doesn’t do reservations, so my suggestions are to wear comfy shoes, put your name on the list for a table even though it’s not an unlikely possibility that you may find yourself “throwing bows” to get bar seating or watching eating patrons like a hawk until they leave, be prepared to wait, and be nice to whomever your waiter is.

Quick story: The first time I had the Holeman and Finch burger was on a week night, my friend and I didn’t know that we needed to reserve our burgers and we were told that the burgers were sold out and it was only like 9pm. BUT our waiter did us a total solid and let us know there was one burger up for grabs and my friend and I split that baby right down the middle!

Eating here for the first time taught me that people will wait for really good food. Eating here for the first time also taught me that I’m one of those people. Though the waiting part is sometimes frustrating, it has become increasingly difficult to deny my palate and tummy the “holy shit, this is amazing” feeling that Holeman and Finch’s food has given me.


Now I’d like to consider myself a fan of really good burgers, in fact, I was delusional enough to think that one of the best burgers I’d tried in Atlanta was at the SmashBurger in Sandy Springs…don’t ask me why because I can’t tell you why, it was really good at the time.

See there’s really good and then there’s “my burger life has been changed forever.”

So what is it exactly that makes this Holeman and Finch burger so damn special you ask?

It’s simple. It’s two amazing beef patties, splendid cheese, onions, and freshly cured pickles on a perfectly toasted bun that can best be equated to either a harmonious world class caliber orchestra or when all of the Planeteers from Captain Planet combined all of their ring powers to form Captain Planet. It’s that good.

Oh, but how could I forget the best part, the part about how Holeman and Finch’s chef, Linton Hopkins, makes his own ketchup and mustard. Wait, I know what you’re thinking, the mustard and ketchup are the best part? Um, hell yes, they’re the best part because they’re perfection in tiny silver cups. They are ten times more flavorful and special than Heinz Ketchup on its best day.

Me, well I like to dip my knife into the ketchup and mustard and spread a little on each bite that I take of my burger. It enhances each bite that much more. I just don’t know how to formulate a sentence that properly describes just how freaking good it is. My friend and I went from having a conversation to not speaking at all when our burgers arrived. A sure-fire sign of good food is when no talking is happening. I was too busy making love to my burger to talk and to quote one of my favorite Yelp reviews I’ve ever heard, I was probably too busy having “involuntary sounds coming out of my mouth.” But for real though.

And did I neglect to mention the freshly made and hand cut French fries that accompany this heavenly burger?! Forgive me!

You, too, can have a life altering Holeman and Finch 10 o’clock burger experience for the mind-blowingly low price of $12. $12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me when I tell you that it’s a steal.

The other awesome thing about Holeman and Finch is its menu. The menu is seasonal, but also changes nightly which I love because there’s always a surprise and full of meals that you definitely won’t find at your local chain restaurant! I’m talking tripe, veal brains, lamb liver and bone marrow. My first experience trying bone marrow was here and it was just incredible, I can’t think about it without salivating!



Holeman and Finch also offers charcuterie which perfectly complements the fact that when you walk inside you can see all kinds of cuts of meat on display in the curing process. I haven’t tried charcuterie yet, but my friend swears by it and makes me even more excited to try it.

I’ve only been to Holeman and Finch a handful of times, but Lord knows I’m excited to go back and really make my rounds through its menu and everything else that it has to offer.

I love Holeman and Finch because it seems like no one knows about it, yet EVERYBODY knows about it and it feels good to finally be in on the secret.

If you’re in Atlanta, please, I beg of you, make a point to visit this fabulous restaurant. Experience the madness for yourself. Give yourself a few euphoric experiences. JUST DO IT.

PS: If you’re a Braves fan, Holeman and Finch has three locations within Turner Field. I waited in line for at least 30 minutes to get one of the burgers when I went to a game and, not surprisingly, the burger wasn’t even half as good as it is in the restaurant. Take my word for it. Let your first experience of the burger be in the restaurant so you can compare and contrast for yourself.

Holeman and Finch Public House

2277 Peachtree Road
Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30309


With Love,

Brittni Pope


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