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Hi!!!!! I’ve missed you guys!!! I apologize for the HUGE gap in posting, combination between super busy and no internet! But alas, I have good news! I’ve been doing lots of living and have tons of things to post about!!!

Well I’ve been getting my foodie on lately and trying out different restaurants and can’t wait to share them with you. This post will feature smaller restaurants and brief descriptions of my experiences at the establishments and the food that I had.

First up: Brick Store Pub

2013-02-09 22.49.56

Nestled in an up and coming yet impossibly hip (in the best way, of course) part of downtown Decatur, the Brick Store Pub could easily become a go-to haunt for a literal multitude upon multitude beer selection, good food and a very chill environment. The building, which looks almost deceivingly small from the outside, is actually a two-story giant boasting two bars and tons of seating. I’ve gone twice and both times I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the experience. Personally, I think you go to The Brick Store for a good time and the massive beer selection (I’m talking about a huge book full o’beers!) and tasty, yet basic food to accompany your drinks! The menu had a somewhat wide selection, mostly comfort food and safe options, but good nonetheless. My personal favorite would have to be their “Sausage and Grit Cakes”, a small appetizer which totally gets me pumped for more food! I didn’t take many pictures either time I was there, but definitely take my word and grab some friends who love beer and go visit The Brick Store, you’ll love it, for sure!!!


 2013-02-09 23.16.12

Brick Store Pub:

125 E. Court Square

Decatur, GA 30030


Second Up: Desta Ethiopian Kitchen


Located in Northeast Atlanta on Briarcliff Road, Desta Ethiopian Kitchen is the cutest little spot with an outdoor eating patio built around a distant cousin of the tree of life I’d say and AMAZINGLY flavorful food!!  This was my first time eating Ethiopian food and my experience at Desta definitely made me excited to try more. The wait staff there was extremely helpful in assisting my friend and I in what we should try since it was our first time.  We ended up going with the “Lamb and Tibs and Fish Tibs with a side of Injera bread”. My friend also ordered an Ethiopian beer which was really good, too!




Now I must admit, spicy food kind of scares me, but I’m really learning to embrace it! So when our waitress let the word “spicy” slip I prepped myself. Now I wouldn’t call the food that I ate there extremely or even really spicy by any means, but it definitely had a kick and I loved it! By the way, traditionally, Ethiopians eat with their right hands and no utensils, SO when in Ethiopia or at least Desta Ethiopian Kitchen I did the same. It’s all about being as authentic as possible, but towards the latter half of my meal I had to get some utensils. LAME, I know, but hey at least I attempted, right?! Sheesh, give me some credit! Lol. Long story short, Desta is awesome, so if you’re feeling adventurous or are already a fan of Ethiopian food and haven’t gone there, definitely check it out!!!!

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen:

3086 Briarcliff Road

NE Atlanta, GA 30329


Third Up: Eclipse Di Luna

Eclipse Di Luna is what I like to consider “off in the cut” of Buckhead (meaning you don’t see it from the roadside and just when the twist and turns to get there start looking a little sketchy BOOM it’s there). I love it, I could try to go into all of these super detailed details of what exactly I love about it, but I’ll spare you. It’s awesome, it feels like you’re in a tent with tons of low lighting and lighting fixtures with interesting seating and live music. The walls are decorated with unusual, yet perfectly fitting art pieces and it just has tons of ambiance and well you already know how I feel about ambiance. Eclipse Di Luna feels like it should be a secret, but it totally isn’t, which sucks, because if you come on the right night you may find yourself waiting for 30+ minutes for a table! But truth be told, I’ll wait for good food, though the one time that I went here I didn’t have to wait. The menu style is Tapas and each plate is such a tease, a good tease, but a tease nonetheless. I want more, I WANT MORE *little girl from the AT&T commercial voice*.  If you’re like me you could easily find yourself ordering the entire menu. EASILY! I took tons of pictures of the food I had there so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Grab your friends and take your butts there and come back here and comment with “You told me so!” 😉

IMG_20130324_195810 IMG_20130324_191104 IMG_20130325_091950 IMG_20130325_092208

Eclipse Di Luna

764 Miami Circle

Atlanta, GA 30324


Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I have two more restaurants to post about that I absolutely love! Try not to drool on your keyboards! =]

With Love,

Brittni Pope

Ps: Feels good to be back!!!



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