What Happened to the Passion?

So this past Thursday evening I was watching the show Scandal like I always do on Thursdays. This particular episode was a repeat and the show is so good that I even enjoy watching repeats! Usually when I watch an episode for the first time, I’m watching for pure comprehension and some episodes I watch twice to make sure that I really understood the episode since they all tie together. This was my third time watching this particular episode so I got to watch for sheer enjoyment.

There was a scene where Fitz runs behind a hurt and angry Olivia Pope and pulls her into an electrical closet of some sort and proceeds to passionately do the nasty with her. It’s a hot, hot scene…Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) have great on-screen chemistry together and by the time scene is over, if you aren’t hot and bothered and wishing “your” Fitz or an imaginary one would do that to you, I don’t know what to tell you!

Quick fun fact, I talk to the TV when I watch shows that I’m really into and before I knew it I shouted out at the TV, “That doesn’t happen in real life!!!!!” noticing the anguish in my own tone! And then it hit me, WHERE HAS THE PASSION GONE??? WHERE HAS IT GONE????

Because the truth of the matter is this…the scene that I’m referring to (or any of their love scenes in that show, WHEW, hot hot hot) can happen in real life, do happen in real life, they just don’t happen a lot in real life!

Then it occurred to me, after having watched TV over the course of my 23 year life, TV love scenes have gotten, um, hotter and hotter and damn near pornographic over the years to keep the passion-starved viewers interested, on the edge of their seats, tongues wagging and drooling. And truth be told, if you’re like me, HOPING AND WISHING that a man like Fitz or some other prime-time, TV hottie would appear out of thin air and into your life pulling you into electrical closets or the Oval Office in the White House, but alas to no avail.

This caused me to think about books as well, one of my favorite types of books are trashy novels, don’t ask me why, I can’t tell you why, I just really enjoy reading them. I always think back to my favorite trashy novel trilogy written by Lisa Kleypas about the Travis family. An obscenely rich family in Texas and their juicy lives. Lisa Kleypas created a character named Hardy Cates in the first book of the series. The second book was almost entirely about him and I fell head over heels in love with this character. He was perfect and I lusted after and pined over a person no more real than pink unicorns with ribbons for hair! And to this day I still try to manifest a man similar to Hardy Cates into existence and into my life, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is the passion behind my desire is real passion, over a fictional person in a fictional book that I read in literally 2 days.

The passion that the millions of viewers have over Scandal and its story-line. The reason people tune in week after week, to get their fill or, better yet, their fix! Their passion fix. Because their life is lacking that kind of passion. We’re all passion starved. Literally grasping at proverbial straws to keep some sliver of it gleaming in our lackluster lives, even if it’s just a TV show.

People don’t want the “scandal” (the cheating husband who you’re in love with who happens to be President, the wife who knows, the complications of hiding your love for each other, the interracial relationship which is still seen as taboo, etc) people want some semblance of that kind of passion that they see between Fitz and Olivia injected into their real life minus all of that hoopla and complications.

If passion is there in the beginning does it eventually die down or was it never really there in the first place? In order to have passion do things have to be complicated? Or, does passion develop over time? Can passion be created?

I might be crazy, but I trust passion. Perhaps passion could be seen as a dangerous thing, but it’s the only thing I really believe. If I see someone and it feels like I got punched in my stomach and I feel so drawn to him that I can’t help myself, that’s the feeling I trust.

Regardless of it’s origins, passion can’t be faked. Real passion, that is. But for whatever reason we settle for less. We settle for so-so. We can’t be surprised when we’re starving for more, starving for a passion that we know exists, but feels like it only exists outside of our current personal world.

Passion is needed, passion is integral, passion is necessary and if you aren’t convinced by now you’re fooling yourself. Whether it’s passion with a partner or passion for your profession or a passion for your passions, it’s fundamental.

Passion is rudimentary.

However, even in the midst of our nationwide passion famine, I know that it does exist off of a TV screen and in our bedrooms, or electrical closets (whatever tickles your fancy), in our work and in our creations.

Passion is out there waiting for us to release our inhibitions, trade in our insecurities and worries, and to stop settling.

Passion craves you just as badly as you’re craving it. And if you happen to be one of the lucky ones who has experienced real passion then you know, like I know, the blissful and visceral feelings that it can give you.

We are not starved for passion, we’re aching for it. Please don’t settle for “comfort” masquerading as passion.

Passion restores, lack of passion depletes.

With SO MUCH Love,

Brittni Pope


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