“We Were”

City Lights

“We Were”

And we were as deep as the ocean

And as wide as the universe

Loving, loving, and loving until it hurt

As bright as the stars

As free as the birds

You cradled me like I was the gravitational pull to your earth

Keeping you steady

With just enough power to knock you on your side

Spinning on an axis

An abundance of space in an absence of time

We were cosmic

We were melodic

We were vast

We were a present wrapped in a future of the past…

We were meteoric

A new big bang of epic proportions

We were the sun, we were the moon

We were asteroids on the move

Multitudinous and unstoppable

Hurtling at one another

As the rest of the world took cover

We were inevitable

We were destined to collide

We were creation

We were seven days and seven nights

We were the embodiment of everything we were too shallow to understand

We were because it is…

We were because they are…

We were because I was…

We are because you were…

We were because there was no other plan than for us to be

The sheer culmination of interplanetary divinity

– By Brittni Pope

With SO MUCH Love,

Brittni Pope


2 thoughts on ““We Were”

  1. No, thank YOU! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and tell me this. I feel over-the-moon that you enjoyed it. Thank you also for following my blog!! ❤

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