What is Love

Photo 831

I know that at its very core, love is completely impractical and evasive. Seeking it out does no good and not seeking it at all brings it every time. Contradictory and contrary, but of course it was. But that was the purest form of love. Love that didn’t make any sense, the kind that made you crazy and delusional, the kind that made you feel electric. Inexplicable love that you refuse to put any constraints on because that was the quickest way to make it all unravel. Make it all come crashing down and leaving you drunk with sadness and just sober enough to feel all of the pain. But through this I learned that this was the only type of love I’d ever want. I couldn’t bear mundane and safe, I needed it to be reckless, I needed the kind of love that would make the crash worth it.

With Love,

Brittni Pope

Ps: Happy New Year!


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