The Beauty of Deception


I stared into the distance as I walked along the shore…it began to feel as if I never stopped walking there would always be more. I looked out over the ocean and stood in awe of the beauty of deception. Miles and miles of something so vast and great, even more miles beyond my own comprehension. If only somehow I could cross the sea submerged in the beauty of its seemingly never-endingness completely drowned by my own cognitive dissonance a freedom so grand would greet me on the other side. And it was for this freedom that I swam to save my life. Kicking and kicking, breath after breath, and then in an instant we met. It was silent and it was cold. It was dark and it was haunting. And I was all but sold. There I was floating in the midst of the peace that so many seek. The darkness did not scare me because I knew that where darkness was, light also resided. Hundreds of thousands of feet below the ground my spirit was guided. This was no accident. This was a creation of divine design. The sea a direct reflection of the Heavens merely hiding behind the clouds…keep swimming below the surface for a parallel paradise abounds. Bind yourself not to a singular ideal, yet hold steadfast to the belief that the Heavens are very real. Be not put off by the beauty of deception because if you fall prey to it once it teaches you to be ever mindful of the lesson.

With So Much Love,

Brittni Pope


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