The Knowing

People are either driven by necessity or nothing. By everything or either its absence. And when I looked at you I always saw both, a deep emptiness behind your eyes that somehow led me to believe that within you you possessed a black hole of sorts, sucking in everything and nothing at the same time. It kept you fed and hungry for a life that didn’t exactly exist, but came to be because it was your world. It was the place you escaped to. I tried to follow you there once before and this place that you created tried to pull me in, too. I walked on the edge of reason and a type of arbitrariness that only a child possesses and found myself tipping towards the latter. I realized that you found comfort in nothingness, you were held over by time and space because it was the purest form of freedom and yet the most tainted form of fullness.


With Love,

Brittni Pope


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