Gino’s NY Pizza Bar

On Wednesday, October 17, my friend and I went to check out an awesome pizza spot in Atlanta that goes by the name of Gino’s NY Pizza Bar. Neither of us had gone before so we didn’t know what to expect, but like they say, “Even when pizza’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” So being the pizza lovers that we both are we knew it was definitely worth a try. So, I am very happy to report that I ate one of the best slices that I’ve had in a very long while from Gino’s! I know I’ll be back soon and for the record, you know a place is good when you want to go back the next day!

Continue reading after the jump for an in-depth review of my meal and experience as well as additional photos!

I seriously love when you try a new restaurant for the first time and leave extremely pleased with your meal and experience. Gino’s is one of those places that brings you great comfort as soon as you walk through the door. I’m not quite sure why this is the case, but for me I immediately felt welcomed and the atmosphere was extremely inviting. All of the employees seemed very nice and our server was wonderful! I mean you seriously have to love a waiter who always seems to show up right on time with refills for your drink. I swear he had the perfect timing! (Hello Jose if you’re reading this, you’re awesome!!)

One of my favorite things about fall in Georgia is that it always works in favor of dining outdoors. In the summer it’s just too hot to eat outside usually, unless you favor gnats and flies accompanying you as permanent dinner guests. Luckily for me, Gino’s had the whole indoor and outdoor dining experience covered and the gnats and flies seemed to have taken the evening off. Ha! Gino’s dining section is sectioned off into like four parts. This first part is the complete indoor dining area. The second part, where I sat, was outdoors but enclosed somewhat, but mostly outdoors on something similar to a deck. The third part was completely outdoors and attached to the deck area as well. The fourth section was outside on the deck area but completely enclosed yet separate from the complete indoors section (if that makes any sense at all!). Hopefully the above photo gives you a bit more clarity than my description! Also located on the inside of Gino’s is an open kitchen and bar area where you can see the pizzas being made as well as some freshly baked cakes on display! Oh and if you look at the photo below you’ll see those amazing lighting fixtures which added even more ambiance to the overall atmosphere. I’ll spare you tales of my love of ambiance because I’m sure you already know!

Now, on to the fabulous meals!

My friend ordered the stromboli which looked absolutely delicious! I didn’t try any so I can’t say for sure, but I didn’t hear him complain at all and he cleaned his plate so I’m sure it was pretty good!

I ordered pizza, surprise surprise…Gosh, I’m so predictable! Haha.

I ordered what is beginning to seem like my favorite type of pizza, Margarita style! Can we all just take a moment of silence to honor this slice of pizza, I mean just look at it. I’ll also give you a moment to wipe the drool off of your keyboards. My slice of pizza was amazing! And for like $3 I probably should’ve ordered several more slices! I must admit, I’m now slightly infatuated with Gino’s take on Margarita style pizza and I’m not sure if I can go back to any other type. Whole Foods’ version is really good, but I felt completely spoiled by Gino’s version! It was literally perfection on a plate. A work of art. And guess what, my stomach loves art! I decimated that slice of pizza like my life depended on it and I have no regrets. Not one.

So, long story short the next time you find yourself in Atlanta craving a good slice or some Italian food I completely recommend checking out Gino’s! I can hardly wait for my next visit, its menu is full of amazing Italian classics, so much so that I don’t know where I’ll start. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like deviating from foods that I know and love, but I figure if that slice of pizza was that good then the rest of the menu hopefully will follow suit, right? Right!

Until then, check it out for yourself!!!

Gino’s NY Pizza Bar

1740 Cheshire Bridge Road

Atlanta, GA 30324


With Love,

Brittni Pope


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