Ziba’s Restaurant and Wine Bar

On Friday evening, October 5th, a friend and I met for dinner at a wonderful little spot called Ziba’s in Atlanta. My friend has been there multiple times and thought that I would enjoy it and he was absolutely right! It is such a cute space, chock full of, you guessed it, AMBIANCE! I mean come on, you already know how I feel about ambiance, put me in a room with stringed-lights and a cozy atmosphere and you know I’m all about it. And Ziba’s was no exception!

Keep reading after the jump for a complete review of my experience, my meal and some additional pictures…

I really like the set up of this space because it has a very airy and open feel, yet while dining you still feel a sense of privacy and connectedness to your dining experience. It honestly feels like you’re dining at friend’s home, that’s just how cozy and comforting it feels. One area of the restaurant is set up somewhat like a living room with an extra plush couch and surrounding chairs, a bar also inhabits this particular room as well as accompanying various-sized tables. The indoor area of this restaurant is two separate spaces, one space being the one I just described and the other side being where I dined which is basically a complete dining area filled with more various-sized tables. Both rooms have doors that are left wide open so you can the see the outside dining area and the street. I loved it and to be quite honest it just really worked for this space. I can’t say that I believe it would work for other restaurants, but for Ziba’s it added to the overall positive flow of my dining experience.

This picture is of my friend’s meal, he had Ziba’s Boulevard Burger with a side of yucca. One of my favorite foodie friends, he has a wide and adventurous palate and so when he said that the Boulevard burger was one of his favorites I knew he was saying a lot about the quality of this menu favorite! I didn’t try his burger, but I did try some yucca which is somewhere in the potato family. The texture is definitely reminiscent of a potato but not as soft. However, its taste is very similar to potatoes. The yucca had been covered in a type of verde sauce which is what made it green in color. He said in prior visits the sauce was on the side and that it varies from time to time.

This picture is my meal! I ordered the Turkey Burger and it had pepper jack cheese, avocado, bacon, and lettuce with a side of house fries. It was delicious and I’ll even go out on a perceived limb here and say that it was on par or tied with The Vortex in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed my burger and the fries were so so good! To accompany my meal I ordered the “Zibarita” cocktail (not pictured) which is a mixture of lemons, limes, fresh-squeezed orange juice & Tequila. It was perfection in a mason jar!

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Marcie Meirndorf, and she was absolutely lovely! In addition to everyone else that worked there who I interacted with. The staff is extremely warm and inviting and super helpful! Overall, Ziba’s earned an A+ in my book and I look forward to going there again. In fact, after checking out their online menu I found out that they offer breakfast/brunch on Sundays and I loooove breakfast so I’m sure I’ll find myself paying Ziba’s a visit on a Sunday morning in the near future.

So, if you find yourself wanting to try something new, you should consider giving Ziba’s a try and support a wonderful local business with an awesome menu and staff to match!

Ziba’s Restaurant and Wine Bar

560 Boulevard SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

With Love,

Brittni Pope


2 thoughts on “Ziba’s Restaurant and Wine Bar

  1. @ Sani Panini

    They definitely are! I can’t wait to go back again and try other selections!

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