Allen Stone

On October 4 I attended the Allen Stone concert at The Loft in Atlanta. Oh. My. Goodness. The entire show was absolutely phenomenal! I had the most amazing time. The opening acts for Allen Stone were Tingsek and Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds. Prior to this show I had never heard of either act or their music, but now I can say that they have gained a new fan! These acts were excellent and perfect opening acts for Allen Stone. There’s just something about live music and live BANDS that just makes me fall in love with music all over again. The special thing about this entire show was that it was full of amazing vocalists, but equally as full of amazing musicians! It was just awesome, awesome, and more awesome.

Keep reading for my review of the bands as well as accompanying photos and videos of each act!

First up…Tingsek!

Hailing all of the way from the ultra-fabulous Sweden, Tingsek brings a very fresh sound to the American music scene. The best way I can describe his voice would be to say if Robin Thicke, Bob Marley, and Anthony Hamilton’s vocal chords made a baby it would be Tingsek’s voice! I’m actually, quite honestly, completely obsessed with his voice! He’s super soulful with a twist and I became immediately enamored by him following his first two songs. There are few things I love more than a vocalist whose sound doesn’t match how he/she looks at all. I know it might be stereotypical, but I don’t mean it to be. In fact, I just mean that true soul is universal, doesn’t matter where you’re from, if the good Lord blessed you with it then you just have it! And man oh man does Tingsek have it. During the show he said this was his first American tour and that back in Sweden has released 5 albums! How cool is that?!  Well one thing I know for sure, if he continues to put on a show like he did in Atlanta for the duration of their tour this most certainly won’t be his last American tour. Unfortunately he was unable to bring all of his bandmates with him because of how expensive it would have been, but I seriously would love to hear him with his entire band! I mean if he was as good as he was with just himself and one other person, just imagine everyone together!

Now please don’t judge how amazing Tingsek actually is from this video I recorded at the show! It was sooooo loud inside of the venue that many of the videos I made unfortunately have poor audio quality. Tingsek is uber-talented with an incredible gift. So, if this video doesn’t do it for you definitely go check out his website which I linked to his name above or search him on YouTube and have a real good listen! You will not regret it, trust me! We’re all mates by now, yeah?

Next up…Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds!

Hailing all of the way from the ultra-hip Brooklyn, New York, Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds (SSDB) are breathing a massive breath of fresh air into today’s music scene! With a sound that is completely their own that would span across multiple music genres just to try to label, you’re better off just giving them their own genre! Now, let me preface the remainder of this review with the fact that I may be a bit biased because I am literally a huge fan of brass instruments and SSDB had plenty in its arsenal! Plus a bass guitarist and a harmonica player and a drummer, so yeah, of course I’m going to rave about this band!

When SSDB first took the stage I didn’t know what to expect. I was completely hyped about all of the musicians on stage and they were just playing their hearts out and had the entire crowd jamming. Since I’d never heard of them or their music before  this show I just began to assume that this band was mostly all about the instrumentals. So you can imagine my surprise when in the midst of me dancing a super cute and petite female singer crashed the stage with a voice that rivals Joss Stone’s. Ah, I had a Sherlock Holmes moment, and said “Ohhh! She’s Sister Sparrow!” Haha. They killed their entire set, with each musician getting a mini solo-jam, they were sick!

Now, I am from Atlanta, so I guess that this again makes me particularly predisposed to love  the term “The Dirty Birds” (Atlanta Falcons, Hello!) But man did The Dirty Birds get down!!! They were actually, hands down, one of my favorite parts of the ENTIRE show! I just love true musicians and that’s exactly what they all are. Sometimes I think, especially, in today’s music, that we get so used to hearing beats, autotune, and overly-processed tunes that it’s easy to forget how stellar true musicians really are! No offense of course to the amazingly talented people who produce mind-numbingly awesome beats! It’s just beautiful to see the balance of both types of music. I recorded several of their performances, however, the audio just wasn’t that good and really didn’t do them the justice that they truly deserve. Luckily for me, the recording I made of their harmonica player’s solo came out perfectly! So do enjoy the amazing video below!! And definitely, definitely check out more of their music!!!


Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting before…Allen Stone!!!!!

I first heard Allen Stone’s music almost a year ago when his YouTube video “Unaware – Live in His Mother’s Living Room” went viral basically and multiple music blogs that I read were swooning over the soulful crooner. And after watching the video and hearing him, I, of course, followed suit. I told myself whenever he comes to Atlanta no matter the cost of tickets, you must see him live. When I heard about the show I immediately bought tickets for myself and my Mother who also happens to be a huge fan and wellllll as you see the rest is history!

Allen Stone just has one of those voices that literally has the ability to just stop you dead in your tracks. One of those voices that quickly makes you thank God for blessing someone with a voice like that. One of those voices that you know only comes around very rarely. He has it. He has a golden voice and listening to him sing can put you in a place of forgetting that there’s a world going on out there. That to me is what makes Allen Stone so special, the fact that when I listen to him I am always fully present. So caught up in that moment and his voice that none of my problems seem to matter, let alone exist. No matter how hard you practice, how many singing lessons you take, that is a talent that is God-given. You can’t buy it, you can’t learn it and voices like Allen Stone deserve to be supported and appreciated! I take so much pride in supporting good live music and artists like him make it worth it every time.

Allen has fantastic stage presence and Lord knows I am all about an artist who likes to get the audience involved in his/her/their show. Allen did just that! I kid you not, he turned into a modern day Moses and parted the audience like the Red Sea and he had each side compete against the other in a cheering competition AND a dance competition! How fun is that!? His entire set was like a roller coaster with him beginning the set with upbeat song after upbeat song and then slowing it down and then ending the show on another upbeat song. Or so we thought at least. The crowd began cheering for him to come back on stage and perform “Unaware” which is still my favorite song of his . Luckily for us he performed two more songs, “Unaware” included. In short, or not so short from judging the length of this post, Allen Stone confirmed just how amazingly, insanely, and wonderfully talented he really is! Also, his band members are absolutely stellar as well, each of whom also performed solos and had the crowd in a tizzy over their talents. Amazing, just amazing!

These clips are just a small glimpse of the incredible time that I had at this show! I truly hope you can watch these and feel the same awe-inspiring feelings that I felt when I was there. Also, Atlanta was just the 10th stop in this tour’s 60-show schedule so I definitely encourage you to check out Allen Stone’s website (linked above) to see the remainder of the dates. Get your tickets and take your butt to this show!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!

Check out some additional pictures below!

With SO much love,

Brittni Pope


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