Ernie Halter

On September 27th I had the extreme pleasure of seeing one of my favorite musicians, Ernie Halter, live at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur! I first heard Ernie’s music about 3 years ago when the Music Gods had him pop up on the Pandora station I was listening to. I have been hooked ever since! He has such an amazing voice and anyone who knows me knows that I am all about acoustic music…This was my first time ever going to Eddie’s Attic and I really, really like the venue! It’s a super cute little spot located in Decatur, Georgia nestled into a quaint little square near the Dekalb County Courthouse. I think my favorite part about Eddie’s Attic is how it’s set up. It has an outdoor patio with a projector screen which shows a live feed of whoever is performing in the listening room.

I’m quite fond of this set up because I’m one of those people who absolutely HATES when there are jerks people in the audience who talk loudly over the performer. Excuse me while I quickly rant on this pet peeve of mine.

1. I didn’t pay however much I paid for my ticket to listen to your big fat mouth talk over the artist!

2. Um, can you not comprehend how irritating and annoying, not to mention RUDE you’re being to not only the artist but other audience members?

3. If you wanted to talk the entire time you shouldn’t have come to the show!!!!!!! Go sit outside of the venue and chat ridiculously loud with your friends. I, nor anyone else in the venue for that matter, is interested in your opinion of the show or whatever else you think is more important than the show.

4. I know you may sound awesome in the shower, but how about you keep your killer vocal skills to yourself? I’m pretty sure I didn’t see the word “sing-along” anywhere on my ticket. K. Thanks.

WHEW! I feel better!

Now back to what I was saying! The set up of Eddie’s Attic is absolutely perfect for people like myself who go to shows to actually hear the artist(s) in all of his/her/their glory. The outdoor patio is great for the chatter-boxes and the listening room is great for the awesome listeners to fully take in the show without ridiculously rude and immature interruptions. Eddie’s has plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors as well as two bars and a kitchen that whips up from what I could tell very appetizing meals. I didn’t partake in any drinks or food while I was there, but I was definitely living vicariously through others!

I’m anxious to go back and check out Eddie’s again! The servers and other employees were super helpful and nice and the place was just chock-full of ambiance! Lord knows I am all about some good ol’ ambiance. I mean check out the lighting of the above pic from the patio, can’t you just feel the ambiance and amazing vibes permeating through your screens?!

Now, on to the amazing Ernie Halter!!

This was my first time seeing Ernie live so now I can fully attest to and vouch for his incredibly stellar vocal abilities. No lie, he must have performed almost or at least 15 songs and his voice just didn’t change, it didn’t wear out, it didn’t crack, if anything it just kept getting better! He has one of those voices that’s like velvet, it just flows so smooth. I can remember listening to him and a smile just creeping onto my face because I couldn’t help but to acknowledge his wonderful blessing. I literally had to take a moment to thank God for instilling such beautiful talents like Ernie’s in people all over the world. Sometimes music is just such a therapeutic medium. I truly believe it has healing powers!

Another awesome part of the show was Ernie’s sense of humor! When I wasn’t listening to him sing I was laughing hysterically at his between-songs stories! He literally had me cracking up, if you’ve ever seen him live you’ll probably know what I mean! And um, I almost forgot to mention how cute/funny/awesome it was that his Mother called right before he started performing and he put her on speaker so we all could hear! She was the cutest. Like how can you not love an artist that introduces you to his mother on the first “date”? LOL.He even told us the story of how he met his wife while he was on the road! Ernie definitely seemed to be a very humbled and down-to-earth guy who I would happily pay to see again! I am unsure of his current touring schedule, but I definitely encourage you to see him if you find out that he’s in your city! I promise it will be completely worth it!

And oh yeah! He briefly covered “Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake! If you aren’t sold on him yet well I just don’t know what to tell you! Haha. =]

His first song of the night just happened to be one of my very favorites of his! I’m literally obsessed with his cover of “Pretty Girl” so here’s a video of him singing the entire song! Many apologies for my shaky hands and for those of you who have to watch it sideways until YouTube updates the rotation edit that I made on the video!

Hope you enjoyed the video and this post!

*PS: I went to this show all by myself! I’m trying to get over the pointless need/desire for a permanent plus-one. So if you’re like myself, Eddie’s Attic is also a good place to check out alone because there is ample parking close to the venue and I felt completely safe. High Fives for putting on my big girl panties and stepping out alone! Woop Woop! ^_^ Also, if you’re going to attend a show at Eddie’s I would recommend purchasing your tickets beforehand online as they let people in who have already done so first. If you wait to purchase tickets at the door you’ll have to wait for all of the pre-paid concertgoers to get seated first.

With SOOOOO Much Love,

Brittni Pope


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